Music has always been a part of Lyndall Jones’ life.

Music has always been a part of Lyndall Jones’ life.

He began working as a music minister in college, but his love of music started before that.

“I always had the opportunity to do music,” Jones said.

In high school he sang in choir and played in the band. 

At church he sang in youth choir, youth ensemble and played the trumpet.

Raised in a Springfield-area musical family, Jones felt the call to the ministry when he was 16
years old.

“It was just very plain,” Jones said.

He just began his eighth year at Northside Baptist Church. His job title has changed and his responsibilities have shifted, but not by much.

Jones has been minister of music and youth for seven years at Northside. When the church added the services of a youth minister, Jones began the transition to a more administrative role as minister of music and education.

“I make sure there’s teachers, I make sure they have literature and I make sure they have options,” he said.

Jones is building the church Web site ( and preparing for an April 5 Easter choir program titled “Believe.” He leads worship during Sunday services and directs the adult choir.

“I really like all types of music and that’s reflected in what we sing,” he said. “My expertise has always been in music.”

During his time at Northside Baptist, Jones had seen growth as the congregation grew and the building expanded, but the growth he hopes to see the most is in the heart of its members.

“The change I’m most hoping to see is a large number of people young and old come to know the Lord in the immediate future,” Jones said. His own experience happened when Jones was 8 years old as he prayed with his father.

“My dad was a music minister and my mom was the church pianist,” he said.

His wife of four years, Kari Jones, is also a pianist, playing for the church and teaching piano.
Although he has seen many young conversions, Jones said bringing adults and families into the church is one area for growth.

“I like to teach, I like to watch people learn,” Jones said. “I am passionate for the truth. I am bluntly honest to a fault and I want to be as loving as possible in order to lead others to Jesus Christ.”