To some, it’s just a book. To others, it’s their “heart and soul.”

To some, it’s just a book. To others, it’s their “heart and soul.”

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that Neosho has its share of “Twilight” fans. The house was packed at B&B Theatres Neosho Cinema 6 for the late Tuesday night 11:55 p.m. showing of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.”

In fact, it’s been sold out in Neosho for two weeks.

“This ‘Twilight: Eclipse’ thing, this whole ‘Twilight’ series, is just a phenomenon…” said James Warner, assistant manager at Neosho Cinema 6.

This isn’t the first film to sell out at Neosho Cinema 6, but Warner said not all films sell tickets as fast as “Eclipse” did.

“It takes a big movie — or a big series of movies — to really draw in a sell-out crowd,” he said.

The website,, which tracks the box office value of movies and offers predictions on future movie releases, said “Eclipse” will probably not gross as much as “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” because of the proximity of the two movies. “New Moon” was released last year in November and earned just less than $300 million domestically, and more than $700 million when foreign earnings are included.

To some Neosho residents, the series is definitely more than just casual entertainment.

“It means a lot to me,” said Neosho resident Anna Ezell. “It’s my heart and soul into all this.”

There is definitely a “Twilight” obsession around the country. A Los Angeles Times article published this week said the Internet provides fans a portal into a “Twilight”-saturated universe, with fan fiction, fan websites and “Twilight”-focused social networking.

When expressing their appreciation of “Twilight,” several said the romance is their favorite aspect of the series.

“‘Twilight,’ to me, is just a really awesome love story,” said McKenzie Warren, Missouri Southern student and Neosho resident. “It’s just something I enjoy to read and something fun and something that brings a whole lot of people together.”

Though most attendees at the midnight showing were female, many men stayed up to watch the film as well.

“I’ve read all of (the books),” said Neosho High School student Cole Culp. “I’ve bought some (“Twilight”) shirts before.”

Overwhelmingly, people said they enjoy the “Twilight” books more than the movies.

“I like the books more, they have more details,” said Kaylin Milholland, from Texas.

Not everyone was swept up in “Twilight” fever; some just came to enjoy a good show.

“It’s just a book, but I like it,” said Kenzie Riegle, of Granby. “I’m not a die-hard fan…I have the books and the movies, that’s it.”