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SPORTS FOR ALL: Worst rules of all
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Charles Nodler
Charles Nodler
By Charles Nodler
Sept. 22, 2012 5:53 p.m.

The NFL is taking some heat for using replacement referees. This brought to my attention some of the rules that football has used in officiating the game. Here are some that I think are the worst.
No.1: A player cannot advance another teammate’s fumble during the last two minutes of a game. This rule for the NFL came about when Ken Stabler, who was quarterbacking for the Oakland Raiders, was being tackled and tossed the ball forward which was then picked up and thrown forward and kicked into the end zone and was recovered by Dave Casper for a Raider TD. I happened to see this play when it occurred and I was quite surprised by the call. My initial reaction was that it was an incomplete pass and the ball should have gone over on downs to the Chargers, or the game would be over because time had expired. There was no need for this rule if the referees had initially made the correct call of Stabler’s incomplete pass.
No. 2: The Tuck Rule – This rule allow a quarterback to not keep possession of the ball and not be charged with a fumble even though he has not passed the football and loses possession of the ball.
No.3: College Football Overtime: In effort to end tie football games in college football they have overtime which then goes until a team either holds the other team from scoring, or out scores their opponent. If the game is still tied going to the third overtime the teams are required to go for a 2-point conversion attempt after a touchdown. This has created extremely long games, the longest being 4 hours and 56 minutes. These create artificial records since the teams start at the 25-yard line of the other team in these overtime periods. I think the tie would be better and would allow student athletes more time to take their studies into account.

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