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  • Members say they’re ready to go

  • With the election of officers for the Neosho Parks, Recreation and Golf Course Board Thursday night, members say they are now ready to get to work.
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  • With the election of officers for the Neosho Parks, Recreation and Golf Course Board Thursday night, members say they are now ready to get to work.
    “It is a newly appointed board, combining the old parks and recreation board and the golf course board into one unit,” said Richard Clemons, chairman of the board. “And the hope behind that was while there were some members of the golf board that came over, you would get more public input by making one large board that would take care of basically all of the scopes of the parks in Neosho.”
    Officers are Clemons as the chairman; Ken Mayer, vice chair and Barbara Lombardi as secretary. The group met at 5 p.m. at the Neosho Golf Course Club House, 1850 Club House Rd., Neosho
    “Tonight was to set down what our roles were going to be,” Clemons said. “I think the plan would be for each board member to give their input on what the board is going to accomplish, what our goals are and some input from the city on some information on what parks and facilities are actually included under our watch. So the next meeting that we have in October, we will be able to have a better understanding of what we need to discuss, what we need to look at and as an advisory committee to the council, our best efforts to hopefully give them the best advice that we could give them for their decision making.”
    One of the items on the agenda was to establish the goals and guidelines of the board.
    “Each individual will set forth what he or she thinks, ‘this is what I would like to see the board accomplish’ or ‘this is what I think we should have input on,’” Clemons said. “We will email those to Troy (Royer, Neosho city manager), let him compile those and then we will discuss those at the next meeting, outline a game plan and/or a mission statement and go from there.”
    The board also asked parks and recreation director John Jordon and Justin Beck, the golf course manager, for a report for the parks and golf course fee schedules.
    “There are numerous fees that are associated with each facility that is included in our scope: the parks, the pool, the Civic, the Lampo Building,” Clemons said. “I think that we had some of that information, I don’t think all of that information as far as the fee schedule was presented to us, so we just ask them to come back and put it in simple format. This is what we are going to charge for ‘x’ if you want to rent this pavilion.”
    Page 2 of 2 - That report is to be given during the next board meeting.
    Clemons stated that the newly formed board is an advisory board.
    “It is an absolute advisory board, we will take our best information and our best recommendations to the city council,” he said. “It is ultimately up to the city council to make the decision, we have no decision making capabilities whatsoever.”
    Their next meeting will be held at 5 p.m. Monday, Oct. 8, at the clubhouse.
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