One of his first memories of being in the kitchen was with his grandmother, baking breads and cinnamon rolls.

One of his first memories of being in the kitchen was with his grandmother, baking breads and cinnamon rolls.

On Tuesday night, culinary specialist Guy Klinzing prepared 10 recipes during the Taste of Home Cooking Show at the Civic. The Neosho Daily News asked him some questions before the show began about how he got interested in cooking/baking and what he prepared for the event.

How did you get interested in cooking and with Taste of Home?

I am really out of the food and chocolate industry. I spent 30 years in the chocolate business, so my expertise is really candy and chocolate making. I became involved in Taste of Home because I love to cook, I am a trained home cook by my grandmother and mother. Taste of Home is perfect because these are recipes submitted by home cooks from all around the country. We take the best of those recipes, we test them in our test kitchens and we publish them in our magazines, we include them in our cooking school tours and on our website at For me, I get to cook, I get to travel, and I get to entertain, those are the three things that I love to do the most and doing the cooking schools is kind of the perfect match for me.

Klinzing said he has been doing this with Taste of Home for more than three years, and has done 110 shows in 21 states. He is from Chicago and has done shows in Missouri, but this was his first show in Neosho.

Talk a little bit about the show tonight.

I try to make it fun, because I am also a professional actor, singer out of the Chicago area. So I try to bring that energy to my shows as well. Because the actor side of me doesn't want people to be bored. It should be having fun in the kitchen together and hopefully they will find these recipes some new family favorites that they can introduce into their rotation at home.

What are participants going to learn during the show?

Well, the really nice thing about a Taste of Home cooking school is it really is an event. It starts with the expo where we have vendors and local businesses that have their services and products on display so they can do some shopping and browsing. Then the actual cooking school itself is two-two and a half hours, I will demonstrate step by step how to make 10 recipes at home. Everybody who attends will get a goody bag, inside that there is a magazine with all of the recipes in it, along with other cool stuff (coupons, etc.). They will be able to follow along, I will make those 10 recipes. The recipes are a blend of entrees, desserts, salads, appetizers, so it really is kind of a whole range of dishes that are appropriate for this time of the year. You will learn some tips and tricks in the kitchen to make things a little more efficient. But I will also incorporate a little food science, so that you will have a little understanding of why we do certain things in the kitchen, and what is the reason behind that and they are going to learn 10 great recipes.

You said you were going to show the participants how to make cinnamon rolls, is that recipe yours or your grandmother's?

It is a Taste of Home recipe, not my grandmother's recipe, but I will actually show folks how to make (cinnamon rolls) the way we make them in my family. The ingredients are the same but kind of the way that you put it together is a little different. So I will be adding those extra tips that are over and above what is actually published in the recipe, to show them, hey here is a variation of this that my family uses, and if you would like to try that, here is another way to make them.

Did you write your grandmother's recipes down or is it a 'pinch of this and a pinch of that'?

It was a pinch of this and a pinch of that. I eventually wrote down, because we had to have some documentation so I sat down with her, we wrote a card for some of her favorite recipes so that they were sort of repeatable, but I have to say after making these recipes, it is pinch of this and a pinch of that (for me).