I am richly blessed.

I am richly blessed. I have work that I love, a wide circle of friends and an expansive and vibrant family.
I’ve called Neosho home for the past 25 years and am deeply proud to live in the town T.H. Benton described as “addicted to celebration.” It’s a place where one good deed turns into a dozen.

Fortunately it’s rare that I become overwhelmed or lacking enthusiasm regarding my next day’s agenda, but recently I found myself behind before I even started. I went to bed the evening before, falling asleep while checking off my mental “to do” list.

My alarm woke me up as usual at 4:30 the following morning. As is my routine, I lay in bed for a time, making a quick check of Facebook, Twitter and my overnight emails. There in my inbox was a brief note from a friend remarking on a recent writing of mine. Score one in the positive column.

I drove to Joplin for a quick morning meeting in an independent coffee shop. Talking with the staff we joked about their special for October: candy corn shakes. Samples were promised and delivered to our table. Oh my Happy Halloween they were good! We had to laugh that we all would be sugar crashing before 9 a.m. The unabashed glee with which we pounced on our little candy corn goodness was both amusing and appreciated. Score two for unexpected gestures.

Arriving back in Neosho, I was shivering at the cold and glancing up into the sky from the back door, I noticed our rose bush loaded with bright pink buds. Hurrying upstairs I grabbed an antique creamer and filled it with the blossoms. Knowing an early frost was in the weekend forecast I couldn’t risk having the roses frozen. They looked beautiful throughout the weekend gracing our kitchen island. Score three for unexpected beauty.

You never know how appreciated a kind word or a pat on the back will be to someone. It’s hard to guess how something seemingly inconsequential can set off a pattern of positive experiences. A hug, a laugh, a card or simply a quick smile can set the receiver up to look for other good things to follow.

We’re already into the second week of October. Summer is a memory; even the Fall Festival has come and gone. Pretty soon Halloween will be past and we’ll be barreling toward Thanksgiving.

Maybe this is a good year to begin planning early how you can show your “thankfulness” for the 30 days of November. Every day November 1 – November 30, look for a way you can share a kind gesture, extend a warm smile, or buy someone’s coffee.

It’s the little things that count and they often lead to a chain reaction of kindness.

Lori Marble writes a weekly column for the Daily News.