PINEVILLE — There is one type of food that goes good on a chilly day and that is chili.

PINEVILLE — There is one type of food that goes good on a chilly day and that is chili.

On Saturday, teams gathered on the Pineville Square during the annual Oktoberfest to compete in the chili cook-off, just one of the events slated for the annual event.

Pinks All Out made up of Tosha Horton, Trisha Harper, Tyler Gibbs and Kevin Kramer, made two types of chili: Horton and Harper made a mild type, while Gibbs and Kramer made a hot style of chili.

The Daily News asked the Pinks All Out team members some questions about their chili.

Your team is called the Pinks All Out. How did you come up with that name?
Horton: Because we are representing breast cancer awareness month. Last year was actually our first year to do it and we just kind of got together and wanted to do something that actually meant something. So we decided to go with breast cancer awareness and it turned out really good last year, so we went ahead and did it this year.

When did you prep for the chili: did you have to do it last night or here?
Horton: It is actually in the rule book that the only thing that we can do the night before is cook the hamburger, everything else has to be cooked onsite.

What time did you get down here to the square?
Horton: At 6:30 a.m. and the judging
begins at 10:30 a.m.

Each team had to make at least four gallons of chili to be judged. According to a preview story in Wednesday’s Daily News, chili cookers began cooking at 7 a.m. Saturday and bowls went on sale at 11 a.m. Chili-lovers then purchased a bowl for $3 and tested all the chili from any and all of the contestants. First place prize in each division — mild, medium, hot and extra-hot — is $250, second place pays $175 and third place pays $100. Plus, each winner will receive a trophy as well. Additionally, cash prizes and trophies will be awarded for “people’s choice” and “best booth.” Prizes were awarded at 1 p.m.

Do you have a secret recipe for your chili?
Horton: We do have a secret recipe.

NDN: Other than your secret recipe, what are some of the ingredients that goes in your chili?
Harper: We have some tomato soup, kind of a little bit sweeter, we have beans and our chili seasoning. It is pretty simple but it is so good. It is really good.

NDN: Tyler, I see that you are chopping onions. Do you like onions?
Gibbs: Yep, it adds a lot of flavor.

NDN: Are you anxious to trying out the hot chili?
Gibbs: Oh yeah, I love hot stuff.