The City of Neosho welcomed a new finance director this week.

The City of Neosho welcomed a new finance director this week.

Pete Ramsour began his duties with the city on Monday.

Troy Royer, Neosho city manager, said it was Ramsour's wealth of experience that made him the stand out choice for the position.

"We had quite a few really good applicants," Royer said, noting that approximately 17 individuals had applied for the post. "It was a combination of his background and experience. It felt like a good fit."

Ramsour, who holds a bachelor of business administration degree in finance from the University of Notre Dame, has more than 35 years of business experience.

He owned his own businesses, working 30 years in a wholesale distribution business, five years in furniture manufacturing and most recently as the project manager for the rehabilitation project at Joplin's historic Gryphon Building, located at 10th and Main Streets.

Though he has had a variety of business experience throughout the course of his career, Ramsour decided to pursue one more new venture before looking to retirement.

"I felt like I had a few more good years to give," Ramsour said. "I'm very delighted I got the job here and I appreciate the confidence they've given me. It just seemed like a challenge I'd like to try."

Ramsour said he is familiar with the City of Neosho's past financial turmoil, and hopes to help the city continue on the path to recovery.

"I was well aware of what had happened here in Neosho financially and with audits so I just thought I could offer some stability," Ramsour said. "I think the staff needs some stability and I think that's my main goal. And, I'm already knee-deep in trying to find some cost savings."

The office of finance director became vacant in September, when former director Jane Obert was dismissed from her position. Obert said at the time, and Royer confirmed, that her termination had to do with work relationships, not job performance, though no further details were released. She had been with the city for one year.

Prior to Obert, the city had employed Martha Mundt as the finance director, though she was also dismissed, one year prior to Obert, in September 2011.

"There's not been a lot of stability in the finance office," Ramsour said. "The staff is wonderful, I mean they are just outstanding and so eager to work for the good of the city. I think they just need some stable leadership."

Ramsour resides in Joplin with his wife, Susan, who has worked for 17 years as a nurse at Mercy Hospital. The couple has three children and four grandchildren.

Ramsour smiles as he tells about his family, and noted that his first day working for the city was a big day for another family member as well.

"Interestingly, on my first day of work Monday, my granddaughter turned 16 and got her driver's license," Ramsour said. "I remember the day she was born, it was Election Day."