The City of Neosho's parks department has undergone some rearranging recently.

The City of Neosho's parks department has undergone some rearranging recently.

Troy Royer, Neosho city manager, said following the recent departure of the city's parks and recreation director, the city is going to try operating that department without the director position.

Royer said those responsibilities would instead be split between the city's director of development services and a newly created parks supervisor position.

The creation of the parks supervisor position was approved by the Neosho City Council in September as part of the budget for this fiscal year.

John Jordon, who had served as the city's parks and recreation director since last January, and worked three years as a seasonal parks employee prior to that, resigned from his position with the city, ending his work as parks and recreation director on Friday, Nov. 2.

"He's decided to pursue something different," Royer said. "With a limited number of employees in the parks department, I've decided to try a different approach."

According to the most recent job description posted by the city, the parks and recreation director had been responsible for planning, developing, directing, implementing and evaluating a year-round city-wide parks and recreation program, coordinating departmental activities, special projects and city events, such as Celebrate Neosho, overseeing planting, repair and maintenance operations for all city parkland, preparing the department's annual budget and ensuring fiscal viability of all department programs and facilities.

Royer said the combination of labor, administrative and coordinating responsibilities seemed difficult for one position.

Now, the coordinating responsibilities will fall on parks manager Amy Moritz and administrative duties will be handled by director of development services Dana Daniel.

The parks supervision responsibilities will go to Roman Pacheco, the city's new parks supervisor.
"He's part of the parks team making sure everything happens," Royer said.

Royer said Pacheco is currently responsible for supervising two parks employees.

Pacheco is not new to the City of Neosho, he most recently served as the director of the Neosho Recycling Center, and before that had worked as the city's animal control officer.

Pacheco was hired by the City of Neosho last April.

"He showed us he's a go-getter and very motivated," Royer said. "With the success we've had with him, we felt he was a good fit for parks supervisor."

Royer said the city began transitioning into the new arrangement about two weeks ago, with Jordon helping in that transition before his departure.

"We're going to give that a try and see how it works without a director," Royer said. "So far, it's working great."