A Joplin business is hosting a fundraiser today, with proceeds going back to a worthy cause.

JOPLIN — A Joplin business is hosting a fundraiser today, with proceeds going back to a worthy cause.

Macadoodles, located at 3105 E. 17th St., and Rebuild Joplin are hosting the 5th Annual Fall Wine & Spirits Tasting from 1-4 p.m. today.

The event is open to those 21 and older with a valid ID and participants will be able to taste 150 wines, presented by representatives of the wineries, as well as sample food from six different restaurants and take part in a silent auction. Also, they can purchase a limited edition engraved Riedel Crystal Stem for $20 donation or make a donation for a wine glass during the tasting.

“We reopened Oct. 28, 2011, after the tornado. It was five months and five days from when the tornado took away the original building,” said Debbie Blackmon, wine cellar manager. “We were the very first store that reopened on Range Line. The decision was made by owner, Larry Williams, and general manager TJ Cluck that all of our fundraising events for the opening and for 2012 would be to Rebuild Joplin. Our goal for the year was to raise $25,000. Because the organization of Rebuild Joplin has some nice corporate sponsorships that do dollar to dollar matching on grants and if we come up with $25,000 they will match that for $25,000 and they can build a three bedroom, two bath home for someone here in Joplin who lost their home who wasn’t able to replace it. So that has been our goal for this year, is to rebuild a home for someone who lost their home.”

The proceeds from the sale of the Riedel Crystal Stem, the silent auction items and the donations for the tasting glasses go back to their goal of raising $25,000.

As mentioned, the business did have a fundraiser in the spring – Sunday, May 6 – working toward their $25,000 goal.

“We raised a little more than $13,000,” said Blackmon. “We have another event scheduled for December and then we are going to have a special end of the Mayan Calendar party on Dec. 22.”

Referring to today’s fundraiser and the wines, Blackmon said, “we have so many new wines coming in. A lot of full flavored reds for the holidays, great for gifts and what this tasting does — and what all of our tastings do — is they give people opportunity to try wines that they may not have had and help enrich their palette. You will get something different, try something different.”

Blackmon said the attendance in the past to these wine-tasting events has been great.

“We anticipate folks coming in from Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and of course around our Joplin area,” she said. “There is always a lot of interest especially in the fall one, because it gives people a chance to try some new stuff going into the holiday season.”

For more information, please call 626-7766.