After last Tuesday's election, the questions I am most frequently asked are “What will happen in the next four years?” and “What lies in store for our nation's future?” I appreciate the concern of everyone who has contacted me. I am concerned as well.

After last Tuesday's election, the questions I am most frequently asked are "What will happen in the next four years?" and "What lies in store for our nation's future?" I appreciate the concern of everyone who has contacted me. I am concerned as well. The answers I give folks are my own personal perceptions and beliefs, though my responses do reflect some of the same feelings and ideas of many others.

As some have said, President Obama will never face re-election again; basically, he can do as he wishes. No longer will political rhetoric or political promises matter, because he will not have to answer to the electorate again. Given President Obama's record of the past four years, my prediction is that he will continue along with his same pattern of radically transforming our nation by following the European-Socialist agenda. My reasons for believing this follow.

Our nation is going broke with a national debt of over $16 trillion. This is a 60 percent increase in four years and is projected to reach $22 trillion by 2016. If there are no compromises in the lame-duck session, on January 1 all Americans will see an increase in their taxes. Some old taxes will expire, but some new taxes will go into effect. The U.S. military could see some substantial cuts through a legislative process called sequestration. What this means is that if the president and Congress don't get significant tax increases, then they have programmed massive military cuts.

We can also expect more problems in the Middle East. Iran is within months of developing nuclear weapons. There is instability in Egypt, in Libya, and in other countries of the region. Terrorism will continue to increase and terrorists will find new sanctuaries in these countries. Many are predicting a resurgence of Al Qaeda.

The Obama administration has already moved forward in support of the United Nations' Arms Trade Treaty. On Wednesday, November 7, one day following the election, the Obama administration renewed its support of the UN resolution calling for passage of the Arms Trade Treaty. This treaty is an effort by gun control activists to strip Americans of their small weapons (specifically handguns) and ban them in our country. The treaty is aimed at Americans' Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Finally, the Obama administration will move forward on the enactment of the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare). This will be the largest federally mandated program and tax increase in the history of our nation. Obamacare will continue dragging down our already struggling economy. It will create additional problems by adding to our existing massive entitlement programs.

What are entitlement programs? These include such things as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, and veterans programs, as well as benefits for unemployment and disability. More than 120 million Americans receive some type of government benefit. With the addition of Obamacare, 16 million more people will be added to the Medicaid rolls. The cost of all existing entitlement programs (before Obamacare), plus interest on the debt, is almost equal to our total federal revenue. This means that everything else the federal government does — besides entitlement programs — is basically being paid for with borrowed money. Today, the federal government spends $2.2 trillion of its $3.7 trillion budget on entitlements. The U.S. gross national revenues are $2.6 trillion. Revenue shortfalls are made up by borrowing or printing new money.

These are very serious problems that face our nation. I believe we need to reduce the size and scope of government, and we must begin to work towards a balanced budget while maintaining a strong defense. We must not raise taxes, as this will kill job creation. Also, I believe America must reform its entitlement programs, especially Medicaid, and it must not add another entitlement program as costly as Obamacare.

We must be able to fund Social Security, Medicare, and veterans programs, as well as care for those who cannot care for themselves. These are promised commitments we have made to our citizens, and we must stand by them and keep our word.

Well, these are some of my personal thoughts as I reflect back on the election of last week. I believe we must pray for those whom God has placed in the leadership of our nation. While I may not agree with the direction or the pathway being taken, I pray for the success of our nation. May God bless America in these difficult times.
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