The City of Seneca is in the process of applying for three separate grants to help fund the drilling of a new well on the south side of town.

SENECA — The City of Seneca is in the process of applying for three separate grants to help fund the drilling of a new well on the south side of town.

Cyndy Hutchings, Seneca city clerk, said the city is applying for the Rural Water Grant from the Department of Natural Resources, the Rural Development Grant from the United States Department of Agriculture, and the Community Development Block Grant from the Missouri Department of Economic Development.

The Seneca City Council has discussed in several recent meetings the need for a well on the south side of town, as the city currently has a tower with no well to feed it.

Instead, the city has been double pumping water, from a well on one side of town into the Lewis street tower on the south side.

In an earlier interview with the Neosho Daily, Mark Bennett, Seneca mayor, said the addition of a new well would alleviate that need, as well as make the process more efficient.

The southern Lewis Street tower is also a concern for the council because it feeds the city's largest water user, Milnot Co.
The city council accepted a $1,500 bid from Allgeier, Martin, and Associates in their Sept. 24 council meeting, selecting the engineering firm to conduct the engineering study for the new well, as well as handle all grant applications.

Hutchings said the proposal also includes a second phase, following the well, which would be the addition of two 250,000-gallon storage towers in the northern part of Seneca.

Seneca council members also considered Monday evening the creation of a new city ordinance intended to cut down on signage posted throughout town.

Cecil Vance, mayor pro-tem, suggested the creation of the ordinance to help clean up Seneca.
Vance suggested that a $10 deposit be charged for each sign posted anywhere within city limits on any property owned by the city or state.

He said those hanging the signs would first need to visit the Seneca City Hall, pay the deposit and let the city know when their event would be held.

He said a deadline would then be established when the sign needs removed, and if it is not, a fee would be charged to those who hung the sign.

He likened the several signs left hanging throughout town to littering.

"To me, that looks bad and I want to put a stop to that," Vance said. "I don't care if you want to have a yard sale, if you want to have five, that's your business, you and your neighbor's, but when you put up crap in town you take it down."

The council agreed with Vance, and voted to consult city attorney Andy Wood to write a new ordinance for the city.

Council members also voted to reschedule their two December council meetings to 7 p.m. the first and third Mondays, Dec. 3 and Dec. 17, to be held at the Seneca City Hall.