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Major League Baseball awards
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By Charles Nodler
Nov. 18, 2012 12:02 a.m.

Major League Baseball gave out their awards this week and the voting went pretty much as I thought it would. Rookie of the Year awards went to Mike Trout of the Angels and Bryce Harper of the Nationals. Both had very good seasons, (especially Trout) and the Most Valuable Player awards went to Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers and Buster Posey of the Giants. Both led their teams to the World Series. Cabrera was the first hitter to win the Triple Crown since Carl Yastrzemski in 1967. Posey came back from a serious leg injury in 2011, to have a fine 2012 season, and played on his second World Series Championship Team. The Cy Young award s went to David Price of the Rays and R. A. Dickey of the Mets.
These players no doubt deserved the award, and there could easily be made a case for each recipient. The MVP award has become an award of numbers of late and often the player who puts up the biggest numbers offensively has a good chance of winning the award. I think that could often be the case but not necessarily should be the only factor. For instance, in 1987, Andre Dawson of the Chicago Cubs won the MVP award even though the Cubs finished in last place. The point being how valuable was he? They would have finished in last place even without him, wouldn’t they? In the past there have been winners who were good players, who put up good numbers that were less impressive than other players, but their teams won and the others didn’t win a pennant. Phil Rizzuto, who had only seven home runs in 1950, and Nellie Fox, who had only two home runs in 1959, come to mind of those type of players who were most valuable, although not necessarily the best hitter. Maybe there should be a best hitter award as well, because sometimes the best hitter is not always the most valuable player.

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