Thanksgiving is tomorrow.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Among the things I am thankful for is living in Missouri, so I have prepared a Missouri Appreciation Refresher Quiz. See if you can provide answers for the following statements about Missouri people, places and facts. Count your correct responses from the answers which follow the statements.

PEOPLE — (1) This famous Missourian brought us Mickey Mouse and other cartoon characters. (2) The sign on his desk read “The buck stops here.” (3) This renowned scientist and educator received his first schooling in Neosho. (4) “The Man” terrorized big league baseball pitchers during the 1940s and 50s. (5) Along with other noteworthy works of art, he painted the promotional poster for the movie “Gone With the Wind.” (6) Piloting the Spirit of St. Louis, he was the first to fly non-stop across the Atlantic. (7) We saw this Carthage native on the television show “Wild Kingdom.” (8) She was the popular pin-up girl with GIs during World War II. (9) Missouri’s only national forest carries the name of this Hannibal native. (10) This well known area developer and philanthropist was born in Fairview. (11) The nation’s highest military award, the Medal of Honor, was presented to this Neosho native in World War I. (12) Missouri’s first senator with a name familiar to Neoshoians served 30 years in Congress.

PLACES — (13) The Pony Express departed from this Missouri city. (14) It’s known as the Queen City of the Ozarks. (15) The Missouri State Capitol is named for the author of the Declaration of Independence. (16) The Missouri State Fair is held here. (17) The Japanese surrender in World War II took place here. (18) People take their Christmas cards to this town to be mailed. (19) The 33rd President of the United States was born in this Missouri town. (20) The second major battle of the Civil War took place here. (21) It is the name given the two county area in Southeast Missouri that protrudes into Arkansas. (22) The Bushwacker Museum is located here. (23) The notorious outlaw, Belle Starr, was born here in 1846. (24) The nation’s oldest continually operating federal fish hatchery is located here. (25) The tallest monument in the nation is located in Missouri.

FACTS — (26) It is the state song. (27) The state flower. (28) The state tree. (29) Missouri is known as the _____ state. (30) This river crosses the state west to east. (31) It was the year Missouri became a state. (32) The ___ state in the nation. (33) It is the name given the trail crossing southern Missouri used in moving Indians to Oklahoma. (34) This is the mascot for Missouri University athletic teams. (35) This mid-Missouri dam was built during the Great Depression by a private company. (36) It is the official animal of the state.

ANSWERS — (1) Walt Disney. (2) Harry S Truman. (3) George Washington Carver. (4) Stan Musial. (5) Thomas Hart Benton. (6) Charles Lindberg. (7) Marlin Perkins. (8) Betty Grable. (9) Mark Train. (10) John Q. Hammons. (11) M. Waldo Hatler. (12) Thomas Hart Benton. (13) St. Joseph. (14) Springfield. (15) Jefferson City. (16) Sedalia. (17) The battleship USS Missouri. (18) Noel. (19) Lamar. (20) Wilson’s Creek. (21) Bootheel. (22) Nevada. (23) Carthage. (24) Neosho. (25) The Gateway Arch. (26) The Missouri Waltz. (27) Hawthorne. (28) Dogwood. (29) Show-Me-State. (30) Missouri. (31) 1821. (32) 24th. (33) Trail of Tears. (34) Tigers. (35) Bagnell. (36) The Missouri mule

35 Correct — Show Me Scholar
30 Correct — Missouri Squire
25 Correct — Truman Scholar
20 Correct — Pony Express Scholar
19 or less Correct — Missouri Mule Scholar