The happiest place in the world is not Disneyland at least for the next six week.  The happiest place in the world has to be Bristol, CT, that’s where ESPN is headquartered.  ESPN gets the next six weeks to promote the January 7 national championchip game between Notre Dame and either Alabama or Georgia.  The Notre Dame brand is the most recognizable name in college football.  Their return to prominence has been well documented by ESPN and you can be assured will only increase as we now know that Notre Dame will be playing for a national championchip in college football.  The only thing that could make it even better for ESPN is if they could show Saturday afternoon’s SEC championchip game between Alabama and Georgia with the winner moving on to play Notre Dame on January 7.  Don’t get me wrong Notre Dame deserves to be playing on January 7, they have had a great year and have played many of the top teams in the country.  My feeling is they may have a very tough time against Alabama but Notre Dame proved Saturday night just how good their defense is and I think a game against Alabama would be an excellent game.  If Georgie somehow beats Alabama on Saturday then I think Notre Dame would have a much easier game on January 7. 

The Missouri Tigers 2012 football season sputtered to an end over the weekend with a thrashing at the hands of a very good Texas AandM team.  I am not one of those who is calling for Gary Pinkel’s firing, we knew coming in that this was going to be a tough season and James Franklin’s myriad of injuries didn’t help at all.  In my opinion he really was never one hundred percent healthy at any time this year.  Pinkel did the best he could with what he had.  I believe Pinkel is signed through 2017 so don’t look for Missouri to make a change anytime soon.  The buyout would be too much and there is no reason to make a change at this point. 

The Missouri Tigers basketball team went 2 and 1 over the Thanksgiving weekend beating Stanford on Thursday before losing to a very good Louisville team on Friday and then coming back to beat Virginia Comonweath on Saturday.  I had an opportunity to see the Louisville game and losing to a team of that caliber is nothing to be ashamed of.  Louisville has an excellent team and I would not be at all surprised to see them in the final four this year.  They lost to Duke on Saturday in an excellent game against a team who will probably be one of the tope teams in the country all year.  When you have one turnover the entire game as Louisville did against Missouri you aren’t going to lose many games. 

The St. Louis Rams looked very impressive on Sunday as they defeated the Arizona Cardinals 31 to 17.  The Rams have played very well in their division and have beaten or tied every team in the NFC West but can’t seem to win outside their division.  The Rams played with a lot of confidence on Sunday and if they can maintain that confidence and become more consistent then they will have a very good team.  The nucleus is there they just need to put it all together on a consistent basis. 

It is a good thing the Kansas City Chiefs have a good field goal kickers otherwise the Chiefs would go for weeks without ever scoring a point.  The Chiefs Defense should be commended for playing as well as they have all year because they are getting zero support from the offense.  The Chiefs now have the worst record in the NFL and I have no doubt that will continue to be the case.  Hopefully the Chiefs will draft well and can get someone they can build their team around because that is what it is going to take. 

The Truman State women’s basketball team continued their winning ways over the weekend with two impressive wins including a thrilling victory against a very good Missouri Western team who they will play again later on this season in MIAA conference play. 

The Truman State women’s volleyball team heads to Minnesota later this week to begin their playoff run against Southwest MN. 

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