In attempting to put myself in the Christmas spirit, I watched a couple of cute “Santa” movies last night.

In attempting to put myself in the Christmas spirit, I watched a couple of cute “Santa” movies last night. In both movies, children were writing letters to Santa Claus. The heart’s desire of one little boy was a puppy. Santa delivered! I then started imagining letters to Santa Claus from some of our furry orphans this Christmas.

 “Dear Santa, this is Briar. I know you can do anything so could you please bring me a new heart for Christmas? You see, the one I have has a big problem, the doctor says. He’s says that’s why I get tired easy and my chest makes a big, funny rumble. He says I might only get to live a couple more years if I don’t get it fixed. My rescue “mom” is taking me to a new doctor tomorrow to see if they can help me, but just wondered if you might be able to just bring me a new one. My rescue mom says my heart is just bursting with love for life and for everyone I meet. I have lots more love to give, so if I got that new heart, I could stay around and brighten someone’s world for a long time. Love, Briar”

“Dear Santa, remember me? I’m Buddy, the black Lab from over Splitlog way. My family moved away and left me and my best friend Bridgette, a long time ago. Bridgette and I fended for ourselves until Faithful Friends came along and took us in. A couple months ago, Bridgette and I had to say good-bye when she got adopted by some great people. It about broke my heart, but I was happy for her. I am still waiting for someone to choose me. So Santa, my Christmas wish is someone to love and call my own. I thought maybe you and I could work together on this with all your “inside scoop” you probably know someone who’s wishing for a really good dog for Christmas. (That would be me!) You could swing by my foster mom’s house on Christmas Eve and pick me up on your way to their house. My foster mom says I am the best dog anyone could ask for. I’ll sure try to be! Love, Buddy”

 “Dear Santa, my name is Lillie. Could you help me? I need a little Christmas miracle. My rescue “mom” already calls me her little “miracle dog.” She wasn’t sure I’d even live because I was in such bad shape when she found me, but my foster mom and dad have helped me battle back and I’m doing great! Last week when I went to see my doctor, he said my heart was not beating right. I was really surprised because I feel (and look) fantastic compared to how I used to before I was rescued. The doctor even said I am so much better, that I didn’t even look like the same dog that he’d seen before! So, my one Christmas wish is a healthy heart, Santa, so I can have that loving forever home I dreamed about when I used to lay outside in the cold and snow. Until now, I didn’t know life could be so good. Sure hope I get to enjoy it a little longer. Love, Lillie”

“Dear Santa, Zebedee here. I’ve really tried to be a good puppy this year. Since you know everybody, I bet you know somebody who wants a puppy with big feet for Christmas? I’d like to volunteer my services. My mom (Miss Lillie), my five sisters, and I had a rough start but we got rescued and life is great now. My foster mom says I am a very gentle, handsome puppy (even with my huge feet). She says I will grow up to be a big boy, so I guess maybe that’s why all my sisters have gotten adopted and not me. I’m really lonely now. I’m ready to be somebody’s best, faithful friend for life. I’d be happy to help you make someone’s Christmas their best ever!  I’ll even ride in that scary sleigh, let you stuff me in a stocking and wear one of those big, dumb, red bows (and I won’t even chew it off). Love, Zeb”

Leanne Williams is president of Faithful Friends Animal Advocates.