A family of four escaped from four armed assailants early Thursday morning, at the family’s house.

A family of four escaped from four armed assailants early Thursday morning, at the family’s house.

“The husband, the wife and two small children were in bed asleep, heard a loud commotion at the front of the house, and before they could even get up, the assailants had kicked the door in,” Newton County Sheriff Ken Copeland said. “They came into their bedroom. There were four black male subjects, all appeared to be armed – handguns – two of the intruders took the husband into the bathroom where they pistol-whipped him about his head. The other two threatened the female, they were demanding drugs and a large sum of money – of which the residents had neither.”

The alleged incident occurred round 2 a.m. at the home in the 6000 block of Raccoon Road, located in the northeastern part of the county.

“They threatened to kill her, but didn’t physically harm her,” he said. “The four intruders went to the front area of the residence, were talking at which time the husband and the wife were able to escape out of the back with their children. They ran through field quite a long ways to the neighbor’s house. They all received scratches and scrapes even the children did from bushes.”

Copeland said the husband was treated at an area hospital and released.

“They took several stitches in his head. I do believe that he is OK. The children and the wife are certainly traumatized and rightfully so,” he said.

The sheriff continued about the investigation.

“From the evidence that we have got so far, it points to every reason right now that the assailants had the wrong address,” he said. “We do believe they were looking for another place that they did believe were drugs and money, but they had the wrong residence.”

The subjects left in a small car, possibly a blue Ford Taurus.

“We have been able to acquire some video from a surveillance camera, not on the house, but from another source that showed four black males and one of them has been identified by the man and woman as one of the assailants at their house,” Copeland said. “So now we are in the process of trying to find out who these guys are. We are working diligently right now to try to find these guys and get them in jail.”

Copeland said the video was taken from a Sarcoxie convenience store shortly after the invasion incident. A clerk noticed a small blue Ford Taurus with four African-American males had pulled up, and the occupants were allegedly acting suspiciously, Copeland said.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Newton County Sheriff’s Department at 451-8300.