The large full moon lit my trail along Wildcat Boulevard most of last week.

The large full moon lit my trail along Wildcat Boulevard most of last week. The best scene though was one morning when the full moon was setting down into the tree-covered hills west of Neosho Boulevard. The moon peeking through the trees on top of the ridge was spectacular.

For me, the early morning walks are one of life's pleasures. Isn't it peculiar how simple things sometimes give us the most pleasure?

I was thinking of life's pleasures the other morning as I walked along. Some of my favorites follow:

Lifting the bowl and drinking the last milk in the bottom of a bowl of corn flakes is great. Is it the sugar that settled to the bottom mixed with the milk? Is it the last two or three fully soaked corn flakes? Is it the fact that drinking this milk signifies something good is finished — done?

How about kicking off one's shoes and socks at the end of a long working day? The simple relief of letting one's toes and feet be free to breathe is wonderful. Perhaps God did intend for humans to go barefoot instead of restricting the feet with shoes and boots.

Receiving an unexpected compliment is also one of life's special pleasures. The other day I was told that my giving a Lions introduction pamphlet and a buckeye to each visitor has been talked about at a Lions regional meeting. The region members decided all clubs should follow this example.

Getting a hug from someone you haven't seen in a long time is certainly one of life's pleasures. A warm handshake is fine. A clap on the back is great, but a hug is something special.

My family was never one who showed much emotion. We never hugged one another or others when we met. We had some cousins who were huggers, and as a kid I always disliked meeting them, because I'd be hugged a couple times. But as I have aged, I have learned a good hug can be wonderful.

I thought of many other simple pleasures as I walked along that day: having someone stop to visit for five minutes; having a nap after lunch and still being able to sleep all night; being able to eat a bowl of ice cream every day; having a juicy steak covered with barbeque sauce; eating a crisp, sweet apple; cutting open a watermelon to have the melon split in front of the knife; sitting in a rocking chair with a fresh cup of coffee; or getting a hand — written letter or note from an old friend.

Take a walk, enjoy the simple pleasures in life, use those signal lights, watch for pedestrians, and see what you notice while passing along Wildcat Boulevard.

Russell Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.