Organizers with the annual Neosho Community Christmas Dinner are asking for donations of food or money and volunteers to help out with this worthy cause.

Organizers with the annual Neosho Community Christmas Dinner are asking for donations of food or money and volunteers to help out with this worthy cause.

The free dinner is set for 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 25, Christmas, at the Civic in Neosho. It is open to the public.
Once again, KNEO Radio is sponsoring the event with the assistance of many churches and merchants. The radio station has been doing this event since 2007.

“We are blessed to have many merchants in the Neosho area to send cash donations, which is going to allow us to go out and purchase the foods necessary,” said Roberta Foster with KNEO. “But there are some that love to give the actual food and prefer to do so. We will happily receive that. It is being made possible through donations and we have had in the past, a number of individuals that have sent in donations because they want to help make this possible for the community. So the donations are coming from all different avenues.”

Foster also noted about volunteering for the event.

“We are looking to have people to call in that would like to help us with the preparation of food on Dec. 24, as well as food preparing, servers and cleanup crew on Dec. 25,” she said. “We are willing and happy to receive donations of turkeys, hams, apples, oranges and candy.”

This year, Foster noted they are anticipating feeding anywhere between 500-550 people – which either come into the Civic, home-bound meals (which are delivered to people in the Neosho city area) or even those who take meals home with them.

“We also have in somewhere the neighborhood of 50-60 volunteers that help make the day possible,” said Foster. “Because without them, we could have all of the food and we wouldn’t be able to do much with it.”

During the dinner, participants will get goody bags filled with some candy and other items.

“They will include the apples, oranges, candy that are either donated or purchased with the donated funds,” she said. “In the past, we had merchant coupons and we would be very happy to have some of those to put in the goody bags. They just need to contact me.”

Foster is very appreciative of the countless volunteers and others who donate their time, money and food to make this possible.

“I think that it is a wonderful way to express the love for our community, it shows that people have a desire to share the joy of Christmas with each other,” she said. “It serves both the receiver and giver, the folks that volunteer are doing so that they can be a blessing to others, but yet they receive the blessing in return. It is such a fun time to be there together. The conversations that we have with the folks that come brighten their day, it brightens our day, there have been times where we have been able to share more intimately about the love of Jesus, which is why we do this.”

Important dates/information

• Last day to donate food, money and items for the goody bags is by Friday, Dec. 21
• Last day to be put on the list for the delivered meals is by noon on Friday, Dec. 21.
• Contact KNEO at 451-5636 Monday through Friday to get on the delivered meals list, to make donations or drop off donations.