After failing to achieve a quorum at their November meeting, the Neosho Parks, Recreation and Golf Course board is scheduled to revisit the same agenda items again this month.

After failing to achieve a quorum at their November meeting, the Neosho Parks, Recreation and Golf Course board is scheduled to revisit the same agenda items again this month.

The board meets at 6 p.m. tonight at the Neosho Municipal Golf Course, 1850 Clubhouse Rd. Neosho.
As always, the meeting is open to the public.

In their Nov. 13 meeting, the board voted to recommend changes to the Neosho golf course fees, which were originally intended to be presented to the Neosho City Council at their Nov. 20 council meeting.

However, because there was not a quorum present, the board's vote is considered void. Because they are currently a nine-member board, at least five members must be present to reach a quorum.

However, that number could change soon.

The Neosho City Council voted on first reading in their Tuesday, Dec. 4 council meeting to change the member requirements from nine to seven, allowing the board to reach a quorum with only four members present.

"We've had trouble getting people to fill that board and get a complete board," Neosho mayor Richard Davidson told council members. "Because the nine is laid out in the ordinance they need five as a quorum. The request came back that we lower that from nine to seven."

The council will take its final vote on the issue at their Dec. 18 meeting.

Since the last parks meeting, the city council has also taken the first step toward making management changes at the Neosho golf course.

Justin Beck, who is currently contracted to manage the course, gave the city 90-day notice in mid-November that he would be leaving his position.

After news of Beck's departure, Troy Royer, Neosho city manager, recommended to council that the golf course become city-run.

"I think we would have better control over the employees and what's going on out there than we do now," Royer told council members. "Working with a contractor, we're basically at his mercy. I can't come in and tell Justin what to do, he can tell me to fly a kite if he wants."

This is not the first time the proposal has come before council, Royer recommended the change during the August budget talks as well, though council members opted to stick with contracted management at the time.

However, at their Dec. 4 meeting, council members gave Royer the OK to pursue a city-run course.
That transition could take place in February.

Meanwhile, the Parks, Recreation and Golf Course board had proposed numerous changes to the golf course fees in November.

Those changes include eliminating the Monday through noon Friday only eligibility of the annual golf course passes, which would instead allow those holding annual passes to play using their passes seven days per week.

The recommendation also included that the golf course no longer accept annual passes for tournament play, and instead charge participants the tournament fee.

An annual pass is $1,200 and Beck said there are less than 50 golfers who hold the year-round pass.
The proposed changes also included adjusting the weekend and holiday charges for seniors to a set $25 fee.
Currently, there is no senior fee set for weekends.

Veterans with a military I.D. would also receive a discount, which would be the posted senior fee at that time.
The board also took up charges for younger golfers.

Golfers ages 15 and under would be charged a flat $5 fee seven days per week, while those ages 16-18 would pay normal adult fees, or could purchase a junior golfer pass for $140.

The parks board is expected to revisit those proposed changes in this evening's meeting.

The board is also expected to again vote on a board mission statement.

At their Nov. 13 meeting they had voted on a statement that read, "To enrich the lives of Neosho citizens by providing accessible places and activities."

If a quorum is present, the board is scheduled to again discuss officially adopting a mission statement.
Under new business, the board is scheduled to discuss the staircase in Big Spring Park.

Council members have expressed dedication to saving the stairs and the city has received some offers from the community to help with that task.

The concrete stairs connect west Spring Street with High Street and have been temporarily closed off for months, as safety issues regarding the aged staircase have arisen.

The city asked that the Parks, Recreation and Golf Course board oversee the potential restoration of the stairs, though the board at their last meeting decided to wait for more information before deciding to undertake the project.

The board is also scheduled to discuss the parks study the city is currently undergoing, being performed by Land3 Studio of Kansas City.

If Neosho residents are interested in sharing their input on what they would like to see in the city's parks, they can pick up a survey form at the Neosho City Hall.

The Parks, Recreation and Golf Course board acts only as an advisory board for the Neosho city council.

The board was formed in August, when the Parks and Recreation Committee and the Golf Course Board merged.