A way to say “thank you” was expressed Thursday morning to area law enforcement officers.

A way to say "thank you" was expressed Thursday morning to area law enforcement officers.

The annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Christmas Breakfast was held from 6-8 a.m. at the First Lutheran Church, Neosho.

"We invite the deputies, the jailers, the Neosho Police Department, we also extend invitations to Seneca, Diamond and Granby police officers," said Rev. Dr. Bill Doubek with First Lutheran church. "It is our way of thanking the men and women who stand between us and the bad guys. It is not much, it is just an appreciation breakfast. A small way of saying thank you."

Those in attendance on Saturday were treated to different types of egg casseroles, fruit, coffee and other drinks. The event has been hosted by the church for the last four years, Doubek noted. Also, the Neosho Exchange Club help pay for the food and other items.

"We start serving from 6-8 a.m. because of shift changes," he said. "It is a come and go kind of thing."

The ladies arrived at 5 a.m., preparing the meals and serving. Upstairs of the church, some gentlemen met and greeted the officers as they came in.

Around 6 a.m., about a dozen law enforcement personnel showed up for the event.

Prior to the church hosting the event, the law enforcement chaplains hosted the event.

"The law enforcement chaplains used to do it – which I am a member of, I am now the chairman or the head chaplain – they used to do it every year and schedules got difficult," Doubek said. "The last time we did it down at the Lampo building, someone broke in and stole all of the food and everything. Now the law enforcement chaplains are here today as well."

This is not the only event the church gives to law enforcement officers and others.
"On Thanksgiving for about 10 years now, we provide a Thanksgiving meal to every officer, every deputy, every jailer, every EMT, every firefighter, we cook it, box it up and bring it to them, so they can have a Thanksgiving meal while working," he said.

Doubek wants to encourage others to say 'thank you' to law enforcement officers.

"We want to encourage people this festive season if they have a chance to say 'thank you'…we need to thank them for all of the work that they do for people," he said.