The statement “less is more” is very true, especially when it relates to your memoir.

The statement “less is more” is very true, especially when it relates to your memoir.

Some of my smart and clever girlfriends were talking about the Six Word Memoir website recently over lunch. They were reciting some of their favorites and attempting to create their own.

As daunting as it sounds to write a complete memoir, it’s not a cakewalk to write one in six words. The closest I’ve came is: “at home PR chick loves work” or “housekeeping reject craves neat as pin” how about “transplanted Okie loves Missouri people, places.”

It’s tough. Try wrapping up your entire life or just your present situation into six words. You may have thought the 140 character Twitter limit was tough. This can be mind-boggling.

Created by SMITH Magazine and self-described as a home for storytelling; a blurb on their web page reads “We believe everyone has a story, and everyone should have a place to tell it.”

Not only can you create an account on the memoir page and record your own six words but you can become entranced reading the brief descriptions of life, love and work left by others.

If six words seem too short, maybe you should try a personalized list of 20 suggested books based upon favorite books you enter into the “favorite book” box. Type in the title of your favorite read; hit “enter” and the website shares with you a list of 20 books similar to your recent favorite.

I discovered several authors and titles I had never heard of before. On a whim I entered the names of a couple of books I absolutely detest and was supplied with a few of the same titles associated with books I loved. There may need to be a little cross-referencing before I shell out any money on their recommendations.

There may be no “I” in team but “memoir,” book “list” and “personalized website experience” are full of them.  So too does the title “librarian.”

It’s a little “iffy” how two of my favorite librarians, my mother and Mrs. Peggy Payne, might view this web offering. I’m confident both ladies’ abilities to chat with an expectant reader and quickly offer up a short list of beautifully matched literary options far exceeds that of a computer program. Bet they could each rattle off a couple of great memoir titles as well.

Lori Marble writes a weekly column for the Daily News.