We are frequently asked about the stone arch on Park Street at the south side of hatchery grounds.

We are frequently asked about the stone arch on Park Street at the south side of hatchery grounds. According to the book "At This Place . . . A History of the Neosho National Fish Hatchery" by Kay Hively and Larry James, this arch was built by A.B. Donaldson as the entrance to "Zig Zag." "Zig Zag" was a great and elaborate home built by a prominent Neosho attorney George Hubbert in the late 1890s. It was built with a long zig-zagging driveway to the top of the hill.

Unfortunately, the magnificent mansion burned in 1911 when it was occupied by then owner S.L. Davis. The stone arch marked the entry to the home and still bears Mr. Donaldson's initials. After 1914 "Camp Arch" was constructed just beyond the arch on the hillside. This was a group of summer resort cabins whose advertisement campaign read "The Camp has natural gas, Simmons beds, soft spring water, hot and cold showers and pony rides." The arch and property was later acquired by the fish hatchery in the 1990s.

Missouri Master Naturalists will be sponsoring Eagle Days in Stella on Jan. 26, complete with spotting scopes and eagle information. Visitors to the hatchery reported seeing close to 100 eagles at Stella last weekend. For all of you birders, we now have a list of birds common to our area and likely to be observed at the fish hatchery during each season. This list was compiled by professional birder and counter, Lawrence Herbert of Joplin. Mr. Herbert also prepared the list used at Wildcat Glades Conservation and Audubon Center in Joplin. Come by the hatchery for your free copy containing 74 bird species to sight and log.

Hatchery manager David Hendrix will be giving a presentation in Bella Vista, Ark., Thursday to the Bella Vista Fly Tyers Club. The solar project on the sturgeon building has been delayed awaiting special parts. Fish will be going out next week and eggs coming in, as production continues smoothly for the new year.

Local visitors of the week are the Aaron Loften family of Neosho. Long distance visitor of the week is Ashley Buseh from Cummings, Ga.

Janice Eaton is the automation clerk at the Neosho National Fish Hatchery.