It was April 1961 when McDonald County became McDonald Territory USA.

It was April 1961 when McDonald County became McDonald Territory USA.

Resolutions were sent to the mayors of each McDonald Territory town to send envoys to participate in the government. The secession was a great publicity stunt and the public ate it up and begged for more. Overnight, the Border Guards and McDonald County became famous.

The crack border patrol were members of the Elk River Gun Club, affiliates of the National Rifle Association. Their main duty was to guard against any influx of "revenuers" and unwanted aliens. Dressed in ridiculous mountain garb and carrying priceless old muzzle-loading rifles, the men would go down in secession history as the roughest, toughest, brush-jumping hillbillies ever to crawl out of the deep, dark caves of the Ozark Mountains. Time after time, these fun-loving, wise-cracking Border Guards appeared on television, newscasts, and private parties and blowouts to put on their act and heckle the people. Passports were printed and issued for safe passage into the territory.

These "outsiders" were advised to have their passports ready if the Sergeant of the Guards, Jim 
Stevens, leveled his Kentucky long rifle across one arm and squinted a cold, blue eye down the barrel in their direction." From McDonald Territory, Secession 50th Anniversary," compiled by David R. Sparlin for the McDonald County Historical Society.

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