Tonight, the Neosho City Council will vote on final reading on several city ordinance updates to meet International Organization for Standardization requirements.

Tonight, the Neosho City Council will vote on final reading on several city ordinance updates to meet International Organization for Standardization requirements.

The council meets at 7 p.m. this evening at the Neosho City Hall Council Chambers, 203 E. Main St.

John Harrington, the city's code enforcement officer, told council members in their Jan. 8 meeting that the city's current 2003 building code and 2002 national electric code are out of date, based on a recent ISO review.

"They like for each city to be in at least two revisions of the current code," Harrington said.

While current code for the ISO is the 2012 version, Harrington has proposed, and council members approved on first reading, an update of Neosho codes consistent with the 2009 version, which would allow the city's codes to fall within the ISO requirement, while at the same time lessen the amount of changes necessary.

Harrington noted that several of the code changes, which will affect the city's building, mechanical and electrical ordinances, among others, are related to energy conservation.

The updated ordinances would require that all new homes have programmable thermostats, and at least 50 percent of all light bulbs installed in new homes be at least a CFL or energy efficient bulb, gas pool heaters could no longer have a pilot light and must be on a timer, heated pools must have a pool cover to reduce evaporation and insulation thickness on homes would be required to increase.

Changes would also include the requirement that each new home, or home seeking a permit for residential work, that has an attached garage or uses fossil fuel would be required to install a carbon monoxide detector.

Harrington said the ordinance changes would only affect those who are performing work that requires a city permit, such as building a new home or renovating a house.

He said once the city gives final approval to the proposed changes, the codes will not need revised again for at least five years.

Also on the agenda for this evening:

• Council is expected to consider a bid of $10,300 from Enviro-Line of Osawatomie, Kan. for a new pump at the Buffalo Creek Lift Station, located south of Walmart on Missouri Highway 59. The lift station receives flow from all businesses and homes from U.S. Highway 60 to Quince Road and all of Industrial Drive to Malcolm Mosby Drive.
The Public Works Department recommendation is that the city purchase a new pump for the station, to replace an aged pump.

• The council will hear from Wes Franklin, the city's Public Relations/Events Coordinator, about a Mason-Dixon Blessing of the Bikes event, set for Sunday, May 12 on the Neosho Square. The activity will be on the north side of the square, and will also include vendors and up to four live bands. The north side of the square, Spring Street from Wood Street to Washington Street will be closed on the date of the event.

The event, being organized by Paul Richardson, is not charging an admission fee nor a registration fee for vendors.

• The council is also expected to consider approval of a beer garden on the Neosho Square on Sunday, May 12 in conjunction with the Blessing of the Bikes event. Sam's Cellar, located on the northwest corner of the Square has proposed hosting the beer garden in front of their business.

• Council members will recognize Daphne Pevahouse as the City of Neosho's employee of the quarter.

• Council plans to vote on a proposed new light pole and streetlight to be installed on Fairway Circle, which would be a first for the city street. If approved, the city would be charged $37.94 per month.

• Council members will also consider approval of an $845 maintenance agreement with Firehouse software for the Neosho Fire Department. The agreement would allow the department to receive annual updates to the reporting software.

• Council is expected to vote on a $741 agreement with Copy Products for yearly service and maintenance of the Neosho Fire Department's copier.

• Council will vote on a one-year, $1,200 extension of an agreement with Ozark Business System, which provides the Neosho Police Department with black and white copies, as well as consider renewing an agreement with the same company, which provides the NPD with eight-cent color copies.

• Announce vacancies that exist on the airport industrial development board; board of adjustments/zoning; economic development sales tax committee; historic district commission and the planning and zoning commission.