There is a new bulk food store in town.

There is a new bulk food store in town.

Corner Cabinet Bulk Food, 12826 E. Highway 86, Neosho, officially opened the first weekend in January.

The store carries grains, flour, sugars, and spices, coconut oil and gluten-free products.

"Me and some friends of mine were looking for stuff like this and we were driving quite some distance to get things that we wanted," said owner Shana Henley. "I felt like there was a demand for the product. A lot of people in the area are familiar with Golden Goodies, it is a dry mix company and we are carrying their products as well. The Bulk Herb Store, that is an Internet store that carries herbs and herbal mixes, teas and things. I am carrying their products."

Prior to her opening the store, Henley said they would have to drive either to past Lamar or Springfield to get items.

"I have cooked with this stuff for a long time, and I can notice a difference," she said. "It is a fresher product, the herbs and spices are fresher. When you make your own products, when you make your own food, you know what is in it. It is easier to determine what you are getting as far as the health aspects. There are no hidden ingredients."

Henley said she enjoys making breads and cinnamon rolls.

"I really like the nuts and the coconut oil," she added. "I use a lot of both of those."

Her customer-base is either from the smaller numbered to the larger numbered.

"I have seen older couples who are retired and it is just the two of them at home to larger families," Henley said. "I try to package smaller quantities as well for the smaller families."

She has a Facebook page and lists new products on it as they come in.
Asked about where she sees the business in the next year, Henley said, "As it grows, we can expand. There are always plans for growing. I would like to add some health food, as I find out what people want. I had a family come in and they wanted rye flour, so the next order I will have rye flour."

The store is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday and Friday; and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. For more information, please call 451-2640.