Dave Ramsey offers tips for working with or without an agent

<strong>Dear Dave,</strong>
<strong>My husband has written a historical novel, but weíre not sure how to obtain an agent or market the book. Right now, heís self-published and has sold about 100 copies. What would you suggest to gain more exposure?</strong>
<em>óMary in New York, N.Y.</em>

<strong>Dave Says:</strong> Having an agent isnít a bad thing, but it can take time to find a good one who is willing to work with you. When I first wrote Financial Peace, I self-published the book and carried copies around in the trunk of my car. Iíd talk about it to anyone who would listen, and I worked up speaking engagements with small groups. In the meantime, Iíd suggest getting in touch with book clubs and libraries in your area. There are probably some historical groups nearby with interests unique to the period of history your husband has written about, and he could approach them about the possibilities of speaking and doing book signings. Make sure heís got a Facebook page and Twitter presence to get the word out, as well. It might also be a good idea to read Mike Hyattís book "Platform." Itís about launching and marketing things, and the processes of building and implementing a platform for your work. Good luck!
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