Last week I said that I hadn't been able to watch as much news as I would like and that was probably a good thing since it helped my blood pressure.

Last week I said that I hadn't been able to watch as much news as I would like and that was probably a good thing since it helped my blood pressure. Well, one of the things that really gets that blood pressure up the charts is the bias of the liberal media. For awhile I was calling it the liberal leaning media but not anymore.

I think you have to call it what it is and acknowledge that most of the national media outlets don't even try to be balanced in their reporting – they just slant everything to the liberal, progressive, or whatever it's called nowadays, way of thinking. In the eyes of most of the national media outlets, conservatives are evil and liberals can do no wrong.

I was coming back Tuesday night from an out of town business trip so I didn't get to watch the State of the Union address. Believe it or not, I do like to watch those things so I have firsthand knowledge of what is said. I also didn't get to watch the GOP response delivered by Florida Senator Marco Rubio. But, the first thing I heard about his speech was something about an incident with a bottle of water.

I thought to myself, what is that all about so I had to see for myself what the big deal was. And, no surprise – it wasn't a big deal to anyone except some liberal media types that wanted it to be a big deal. He took a drink of water for goodness sake. Why should that even merit a line in any news story? It shouldn't.

Have some media outlets sunk so low in their professionalism that they take a politician to task for taking a drink of water? Apparently so. I didn't know that taking a drink of water during a speech was a cardinal sin and I have a sneaky feeling that it wouldn't have been if the president had done so in his speech. But, then again, maybe I'm just being cynical.

So what about the president's speech? Again, I did not watch it but I have read and heard some commentaries and again, no surprise, but how well he did depends on who's doing the commenting. But, everyone acknowledges that he is a great communicator and does a fantastic job of speaking from prepared notes. The difference in the opinions has to do not with the delivery but rather the content of the message.

I read the highlights and from what I can gather there is not a whole lot of new with regards to issues important to this president – except for a call for gun control. He talked about cutting spending but without any real specifics and of course he talked extensively about more government spending.

I get the fact that he was re-elected and feels like a 51.1 percent win is a mandate to do everything that he wants. But, the reality is that there is still almost 50 percent of the population that did not agree with his first term priorities. So, in my mind a true leader would recognize the divide that we have in this country and seek to find a way to bridge that divide.

But, instead, it appears that we are just going to see more emphasis on a greater role of the government in our everyday lives and a call for more and more government spending to fix our problems. There is a real fundamental difference in the two competing philosophies in this country right now. In the simplest of terms, one side looks first to the government to solve the problems and the other looks to it last.

I understand that elections have consequences and the winners get to make the rules (or at least most of them). But, we live in a democratic republic and not a monarchy so there has to be a spirit of cooperation and a sense that we are all in this together and I just don't see that in any issue in Washington.

This country is drowning in debt but more importantly we are drowning in a sea of partisanship that is a much greater threat than any fiscal policy. If somehow the logjam that has become the standard in our national political scene is not broken up then I have real concerns about our future.

To me, our national sea of despair is more newsworthy and important than a sip of water. But, what do I know – I'm just a lowly conservative.

Kevin Wilson writes a weekly column for the Daily News.