The Missouri State High School Wrestling Championships started Thursday, and Neosho appears off to a good start. Neosho is a state powerhouse in Missouri high school wrestling and won back to back team championships in 2010 and 2011. Neosho has had several individual championships in their history, going back to Curtis Longstreet who was Neosho's first individual champion. Neosho has two wrestlers going for state championships tonight. Christian Lopez at 220, and Nate Rodriguez at 132 can win individual titles with victories.

The International Olympic Committee vtional olympic oted to not have wrestling as a sport in the 2020 Olympics. That came as quite a shock since wrestling goes back to the first modern Olympics back in 1896 and was even competed in the ancient Olympic games. I heard that factors such as popularity and ratings were in that decision. It is hard for me to imagine that badminton and table tennis are in the Olympics and wrestling is not. To compare those and their history to that of wrestling in the Olympics, and the decision has to be judged as outrageous at best. Maybe those who voted for the elimination of wrestling should be drug tested as well as the athletes.