The words “not again,” went through Southwest Missourians' minds Tuesday as snow came back into the area.

The words "not again," went through Southwest Missourians' minds Tuesday as snow came back into the area.

"Reports are we have gotten 3.5 inches of snow," Newton County Emergency Management director Gary Roark said.

Changes in the weather started to occur Monday, according to National Weather Service meteorologist Andy Boxell of the Springfield office.

"We started to see a change over [Monday] afternoon during mid- to late-afternoon hours," he said. "Rain began to mix with snow, even a little bit of sleet at times, and that mix really continued into the evening hours and then it was sometime late Monday evening when things finally changed over for the last time to snow. And then that snow persisted through much of the overnight hours and into the early morning [Tuesday]."

Boxell noted that as of 6 a.m. Tuesday, snowfall in Joplin near the airport had reached 3.7 inches of snow. In Springfield, he noted, it was 3 inches.

According to Wes Franklin, public relations/events coordinator for the city of Neosho, "a Neosho public works overnight crew salted and plowed the streets from 11:30 p.m. Monday through Tuesday morning, when the day shift took over. Plowing [continued] throughout the day Tuesday and … Tuesday evening.

"As of Monday afternoon, the city had approximately 320 tons of salt and gravel already mixed and ready to go. The city has on hand approximately 500 tons of mixed and unmixed salt and gravel total."

As of Tuesday afternoon, a small overnight crew was scheduled to be on duty Tuesday evening as forecasted low temperatures were expected to refreeze the leftover winter slush.

Both Empire District Electric and New-Mac reported some outages Tuesday.

"We had a problem in a substation at 32nd and Range Line Road, Joplin, so it impacted a lot of people in the south part of Joplin, a lot of commercial establishments along 32nd street," Empire District spokeswoman Amy Bass told the Neosho Daily News early Tuesday morning. "At one time, there were close to 2,000 customers [without power]."

Bass also noted there were some Empire customers in the Neosho area out of power, numbering around 30.
"We had a few scattered things, but nothing big in those areas," she said.

For New-Mac customers, company officials said in a prepared statement, as of "7:05 a.m. Tuesday, New-Mac Electric was down to 37 outages. That is following early morning hours in which New-Mac's power supplier, KAMO Power, had lost transmission to four substations, serving customers around Diamond Grove, Spring City, Spurgeon and Wentworth."

As of around 11 a.m. Tuesday, New-Mac reported that they were back to normal operations.

Boxell said there was "nothing that would cause additional accumulation" in today's forecast.