This concludes the presidential quiz that began two weeks ago.

This concludes the presidential quiz that began two weeks ago. See if you can identify the presidents on the basis of the clues provided. All 43 presidents are covered over the two weeks, some more than once. The answers are at the end.

(1) He wrote the Declaration of Independence. (2) A Missouri town on the Current River and an Arkansas town north of Fort Smith carry the name of this president, who followed Andrew Jackson in 1837. (3) Elected in 1880, he served for only six months before being assassinated. (4) As a young man, he plowed corn in Missouri. (5) He was the first president to be impeached. (6) He was not a native Missourian, but he had a farm near St. Louis. (7) This handsome Ohioan ushered in the Roaring Twenties and a scandal-ridden administration. (8) He was eventually awarded the Medal of Honor for leading the charge up San Juan Hill during the Spanish American War. (9) Name one of the four presidents to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

NICKNAMES: (10) Old Hickory) (11) Unconditional Surrender (12) Ike (13) The Gipper (14) Teddy (15) Father of the Country (16) Father of the Constitution

PRESIDENTIAL HOMES: (17) Monticello (18) Crawford, Texas (19) Mt. Vernon (20) Hyde Park
FILL IN THE BLANK: (21) Honest _______ (22) Silent ______ (23) “Give em Hell _____ (24) Tippecanoe and _____ Too.

(25) Moving into the White House following the death of Zachary Taylor, many historians regard him as the worst president. (26) He was often referred to as the Teflon President. (27) “Read my lips” were words he later regretted saying. (28) He pushed through the Affordable Health Care Act. (29) The largest man to serve as president later served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. (30) This is the only president not elected by the American people, but he lived longer than any president. (31) Elected in 1856, he was the nation’s only bachelor president. (32) The grandson of a former president, he served between Cleveland’s two terms. (33) Named president following a controversial election in 1876, his wife was labeled Lemonade Lucy for her refusal to serve alcohol in the White House. (34) “…ask not what you can do for your country …”

ANSWERS: (1) Thomas Jefferson (2) Martin Van Buren (3) James Garfield (4) Harry S. Truman (5) Andrew Johnson (6) Warren G. Harding (7) Benjamin Harrison (8) Teddy Roosevelt (9) Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama (10) Andrew Jackson (11) Ulysses S. Grant (12) Dwight D. Eisenhower (13) Ronald Reagan (14) Teddy Roosevelt (15) George Washington (16) James Madison (17) Thomas Jefferson (18) George W. Bush (19) George Washington (20) Franklin D. Roosevelt (21) Abe (Abraham Lincoln) (22) Cal (Calvin Coolidge) (23) Harry (Harry S. Truman) (24) Tyler (John Tyler) (25) Millard Fillmore (26) Ronald Reagan (27) George H.W. Bush (28) Barack Obama (29) William H. Taft (30) Gerald Ford (31) James Buchanan (32) Benjamin Harrison (33) Rutherford B. Hayes (34) John F. Kennedy.

Didn’t do well? That’s OK, this is a teaching test.

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