Darwinian evolution assumes that mankind is a primate, but there is no evidence to prove that theory.

Man Is Not a Primate by Jeanne Chatman

It is assumed by our educational system that mankind is a primate.  The textbooks definition of primates include monkeys, gibbons, orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees, and humans.  It is assumed that humans as well as the other primates evolved from the same ape ancestor.  It is also assumed that Darwinian evolution is a fact and not a theory.  However that is not true.  Darwinian evolution has a multitude of theories which are based upon unproven assumptions.  It has multitudes of opinions and speculations.  However, after over 150 since its invention, there has been no observable, tangible discovery of facts.  There are no transitional fossils from ape to man.  There have been many hoaxes of missing links created to deceive, but they have all been exposed.  This is never mentioned in the textbooks, of course.  Atheistic Darwinian evolutionists are still pushing their theories into our educational system.  It is their religion, and they want to indoctrinate our youth into believing their philosophy.  They do not want our youth to believe that they are not animals or believe that they are special beings created in the image of God.  They push their assumptions on our youth that there is no Divine Creator and that all living things were accidentally formed over millions of years. This philosophy has been forced upon us for three generations, and Darwinian evolution is commonly accepted by most people as true. 

It is quite observable that human beings are far more advanced and very different from animals.  Humans are intelligent living souls within a fleshly body.  Human bodies have the same Intelligent Designer, God, that made them as well as the animals.  So, there are similarities in design.  However humans are a completely different specie than apes.  There is no evidence that they evolved from a common ape ancestor.  It has never been recorded or observed that an ape gave birth to a human or part human missing link.  No transitional fossils have ever been found.  There is no evidence confirming the transition of ape to man.  That idea is still a theory based upon unproven assumptions and opinions.

It is a fact that different types of animals within a specie can interbreed.  The horse kind can interbreed, such as horses with zebras.  The dog kind can interbreed, the cat kind can inter breed, and all the other kinds are able to interbreed.  However, different species or kinds cannot interbreed.  Dogs and cats can’t interbreed.  Horses and cows can’t interbreed, and so on.  Humans and apes cannot interbreed, because they are of a different specie. During World War II Adolph Hitler used Charles Darwin’s evolutionary idea that not all humans are fully evolved from apes.  Hitler had the Jews declared mostly ape, and their rights as humans were taken away.  It was legal to kill them or treat them like livestock.  Hitler had his Darwinian evolutionary scientist do experiments with Jewish people.  One of the experiments was to crossbreed them with apes to prove Darwin’s theory.  The experiments were failures.  Humans and apes cannot be crossbred, because they are completely different species.

Darwinian evolution is being forced on our young people to indoctrinate them into believing false assumptions.  The following

information is quoted out of a public high school textbook: BIOLOGY The Unity and Diversity of Life, eleventh edition, c 2006, Thomson Brooks/Cole, Thomson Corporation USA, Cecie Starr/Ralph Taggart, Christine A Evers, Lisa Starr, Library of Congress Control Number: 2005931271, Student Edition ISBN 0-495-01500-7.

The information is not based on scientific facts.  It is based upon opinions and theories invented from the unproven assumptions of Darwinian evolutionists. The theories are presented as facts.  Observable factual information that does not support the theories is omitted.  This deception and indoctrination of our youth is wrong.

The textbook quotes:

1.   The primate lineage originated from squirrel-sized mammals of the Mesozoic.  By 60 million years ago, its earliest forms –prosimians- had evolved…….Gibbon, siamang, orangutan, gorilla, chimpanzee, bonobo – these primates are classified as apes.  All monkeys, apes, and humans are further classified as anthropoids……The five trends that define the lineage that led to modern humans were set in motion among the first tree-dwelling lineages. Page 452

   These statement are based on theories.  The theories do not have factual evidence to support them.  They have been invented to convince people that they are evolved animals from a common ancestor with apes. Apes and humans are a different specie or kind, and cannot cross breed like other kinds.  Different types of bird kind can breed.  Different types of the horse kind can breed.  Different types of the dog kind can breed.  Different types of the cat kind can breed.  Different types of the ape kind can breed.  However, apes and humans are a different kind and they cannot breed.  Human beings are not primates, and they did not come from a common ape ancestor.  Darwinian evolution is a theory, based on unproven assumptions.  It is not factual science and has no place in public school textbooks.

   There are no transitional fossils to prove that mankind evolved from an ape.  There are no missing links, only a great number of proven hoaxes. Evolutionists have tried to cover up the lack of observable evidence by inventing the theory of millions of year eras. They try to cloud the fact that they have no proof to support their theory with the excuse that evidence did not survive the millions of years.  However, they want us to believe in their fantasy that there was evidence of humans evolving from apes.

    Millions of year eras have been theorized in the layers of rock.  The Geologic Time Column was produced to support this theory.  However, the evidence is very faulty.  Evolutionists date fossils by the rock layers they are found in, and they date layers of rock by the fossils found in them.  This is invalid circular reasoning.  The evolutionists have index fossils to date each layer.  However, they never mention the multitude of misplaced fossils found in each layer that cancel out the validity of their index fossils. Also, it is never mentioned that there are petrified trees going through many layers, which is proof of the settling of sediment after a flood.  On purpose, vast amounts of evidence that does not support the theory of the Geologic Time Column are shelved and classified as being anomalies.

    Carbon 14 dating has too many errors to be considered a valid means of dating.  A living penguin has been dated as 8000 years old by C14 dating.  How can this be explained, and why is the dating method still used?  Evolutionist have assumed that atmospheric C14  is in equilibrium.  This is wrong, because there is factual evidence that the formation rate has not equaled the decay rate.  The amount of C14 in the atmosphere is still increasing.  This indicates that the earth is young, and probably less that 10,000 years old.  As the earth’s magnetic field decays, more cosmic radiation penetrates the atmosphere.  Thus, four thousand year old animal and plant life would have less C14 in their bodies to begin with.  That low amount of C14 would make them seem to be thousands of years older than they really are, because of the wrong assumptions in the C14 dating methods of the evolutionists.  “Radiocarbon is forming 28-37% faster than it is decaying” according to R.E. Taylor et al. American Antiquity, Vol. 50, No. 1 1985 pp. 136-140. Why are these facts not included in textbooks?  It is because they do not fit the popular theory of Darwinian evolution.

Textbook quote: Between 23 and 18 million years ago, in the Miocene, apes evolved.  They were the first of the hominoids, and they spread through Africa, Asia, and Europe when the climate was changing….Hominoids that had evolved in lush forests could move into new adaptive zones or die out.  Most died, but not the common ancestor of modern apes and humans.  Page 454

 This statement is based upon a theory about a long time span.  It is also based on the theory that humans and apes evolved from a common ancestor.  Although the theories are commonly accepted as fact, they are still based upon unproven assumptions.

 Figure 26.33 Labeled: Fossils of African hominids that lived between 7 and 1.5 million years ago. Page 455 

 This is an opinion, not a fact.  The opinion is based upon a theory about the time span.  The opinion is also based on the theory that apes were evolving into humans. All of these opinions and theories are based on unproven assumptions.

4. Figure 26. 36 on page 456 show a painting of a woodland scene with a band of homo habilis.  They are creatures with ape faces and hairy human like bodies.  This is propaganda that humans evolved from apes.  There are no transitional fossils that such missing links ever existed.  Next to the picture are two fossil human skulls that have no link to the picture, but leave the idea that they may have been skulls of the ape people in the picture. This is deception and indoctrination of our youth.  It does not belong in science textbooks.

   There are numerous charts and graphs that show the evolution of man from ape ancestors like the one on page 457, 437,434,404. The chart on pages 328 & 329 infer that plants and animals evolved from a the same cells 3.8 billion years ago.  The charts are based on theories and opinions, not facts.  This is indoctrination that there was no purposeful creation by a Creator, but accidental formation over billions of years.  It is purely unsubstantiated speculation.  So, why are such myths and fairy tales included in a public school science textbook?  It appears that preferential treatment has been given to the atheists’ beloved theory of evolution, which is actually their religion.  Why do we allow atheist’s to indoctrinate our youth with false information?

5. Glossary of Biological Terms:  Human - Primate of species Homo sapiens.

This glossary term is based upon the theory of Darwinian evolution as factual and opinion based upon assumptions.

II.  The following quotes are from the high school textbook: BIOLOGY, the Study of Life, seventh edition by William D. Schraer and Herbert J. Stoltze, 1999 Prentice Hall, Simon & Schuster Education Group

1.  ‘Humans, apes, and monkeys are all primates that are structurally similar in many ways.  However, there are several characteristics that distinguish humans from other primates.  The size and shape of the skull are different from other primates….The jaws and teeth are different from other primates….The pelvis and foramen magnum are different.”

   Since there are so many differences between humans and primates, why are humans classified as primates?  Humans beings are a different specie, a different kind.  There is no evidence that humans and apes evolved from the same ape ancestor. There is no evidence that apes morph into humans. There are no transitional fossils from ape to human.  There are no missing links to be found anywhere, except in the imaginations of the Darwinian evolutionists.

2.“In 1924 , workers in a limestone quarry in South Africa found some skulls embedded in rock…Raymond Dart, a famous anthropologist, named the new species Australopithecus africanus, which means ‘ape of southern Africa.” He believed  that Australopithecus was more humanlike than apelike and represented an early  type of hominid.”p.774

   The skulls found were ape skulls.  There is no evidence that they were human.  That is an unsubstantiated opinion by evolutionist Dart.  The textbook should have emphasized that Dart’s statement about the bones being more human like than ape like were his unsubstantiated opinion.

3.“In 1974, Donald Johanson and Maurice Taieb discovered the bones of a small female Australopithecus.  Johanson called her Lucy.  Although she had an ape-sized brain and jaw, the pelvis clearly showed she was bipedal.”p.775

   The bones of Lucy were that of an ape.  There was only about a third of a skeleton found.  Most of the pelvis was missing, most of the legs were missing and there were no feet.  It was an unsubstantiated opinion that she was bipedal.  Many anthropologists disagree with the theory that Lucy was bipedal.  However, this information is not included in the textbook report about Lucy.

III.  These statements are quotes from the high school textbook, BIOLOGY Life on Earth, fourth edition by Teresa Audesirk and Gerald Audesirk, 1996 Prentice-=Hall, Inc. and an earlier edition 1993 Macmillian Publishing Company.

“Fossils of primates (lemurs, monkeys, apes, and humans) are relatively rare compared with those of many other animals.” p.376

   This classification of primates that includes humans is an opinion of the Theory of Darwinian evolution.  It is based on unproven assumptions that humans evolved from the same ape ancestor as did lemurs, monkeys, and apes.  Since there is no proof, no transitional fossils, and no observable evidence of humans morphing from an ape, why is it printed in the textbook with factual, scientific information?

Does the textbook company have an agenda to indoctrinate our youth with theories, passing them off as factual, observable, scientific evidence?

“Between 20 and 30 million years ago, in the tropical forests of Africa, a group of primates called the dryopithecines diverged from the monkey line.  The dryopithecines appear to have been ancestral to the hominids (humans and their fossil relatives) and pongids (the great apes).” p.377

   This is an opinion of the theory of Darwinian evolution.  It is not based on scientific facts.  There is no poof to substantiate these statements.  They are assumptions only, and not based on scientific evidence. This is indoctrination.

IV.  These statements are quotes from the middle school science textbook, ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE, by Karen Arms, 2000, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Harcourt Brace & Company.

How does this close match between organisms and their environments come about?  In 1859 an English naturalist named Charles Darwin proposed an answer to this question…..Darwin proposed that over many generations natural selection causes the characteristics of populations to change.  A change in the genetic characteristics of populations from one generation to the next is known as evolution.” pp.43 &44

   Evolution is change.  It is observable that animals and plants can adapt to their environment.  However, there is no observable evidence that plants or animals can morph into another species or kind.  This was the main point of Darwin’s theory: that one specie morphed into another specie.  Adaptation and the morphing of one specie into another specie are two different ideas.  Adaptation is observable.  Changing species is not observable, and there are no fossil records that it ever happened.  The theory of Darwinian evolution wants us to believe that simple cells sparked from rain on rocks over millions of years.  Then the simple cells morphed into fish, the fish morphed into amphibians, the amphibians morphed into reptiles, the reptiles morphed into birds and mammals, the ape mammal morphed into a human.  They do not want us to believe that an Intelligent Designer, a Supreme Being, God the Creator had anything to do with it or even exists.  They want us to believe that all life accidentally occurred over billions of years by accident.  That is their opinion, based on unproven assumptions, that they call evolution.  The Darwinian Theory of Evolution is very popular, but it does not have any scientific evidence to prove its opinions.  Thus, it is not science.  It is a fairy tale, and has no place in a science textbook.

2.  In the 1950’s H.B.D. Kettlewell of England’s Oxford University, developed and tested a hypothesis concerning a specie of moth called the peppered moth.  His results led to a very convincing demonstration of natural selection in action.” p.44

The textbook does not mention that the experiment was condemned as faulty, because evidence was uncovered that the scientists conducting the experiment cheated by gluing on more moths to prove that their conclusion was right.  This contaminate experiment should not have been included in the textbook.

The textbooks that are chosen to instruct our students should be based on factual information, and not theories and opinions.  As parents, teachers, administrators, and school board members we should make sure the textbooks used in our schools are not using indoctrination, and unsubstantiated assumptions.