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  • Woman shot on Morse Park trail

  • Neosho Police are investigating a Sunday evening shooting in Morse Park.
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  • Neosho Police are investigating a Sunday evening shooting in Morse Park.
    According to a city news release, the Neosho Police Department received a report of a gunshot wound case at Freeman Neosho Hospital, where an unidentified 29-year-old woman was being treated for gunshot wounds to both thighs.
    The woman and her husband were reportedly walking on a trail in Morse Park when they heard two gunshots in the distance.
    After hearing the shots, the two decided to leave and began walking to their car. When they neared the walking bridge across from the Morse Park ballfields they heard two more gunshots.
    It was at that time the victim began to feel a stinging in her legs and realized she had been shot.
    The bullet, of unknown caliber, passed through the lower thighs of both legs.
    According to the city's release, the victim was treated and released with no serious damage.
    The Neosho Police Department is investigating theories that someone may have been poaching deer, or that the incident could have been the careless discharge of firearms.
    According to the report, the projection of the bullet wound indicates that it came from the area of the ballfields and at a downward angle, possibly from the wooded ridgeline to the east.
    The victim said they did not see or hear any vehicles at the time.
    If anyone has any information related to this incident, call the Neosho Police Department at 451-8012.
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