With spring on the horizon, some people are putting in garden. A few already have early things in and will soon be having fresh vegetables. People differ in their timing for gardens and flowers. Many still plant "by the moon," and some plant when they can get the ground broke and seed in the ground. Someone told me they waited until the temperature reach 50 degrees for three days in a row. In Minnesota, there is an old saying that you don't plant corn until you sit in the soil on your bare backside and it doesn't feel cold.

Of course, things are different here than in the North. Gardens and crops up there are planted about three or four weeks later than here. Since the growing season is shorter, gardeners and farmers look for seed that have a shorter growing time. And harvest is over while we are still enjoying fruits and vegetables in the late summer garden.

This past week I have been paying closer attention to international news because my friend Bryon Arroyo is in Bangkok, Thailand, attending the convention on international trade in endangered species. About six months ago he was named the assistant director for international affairs with the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Thus far, the biggest issue being reported is Thailand's promise to end that country's shameful trade in ivory. This would greatly reduce the slaughter of elephants worldwide. I read that there are 178 countries represented in Bangkok. That's a lot of people to make a decision.

These days I watch less and less television. There are so many "reality" shows that I don't like. It seems that people try to be less civil than anyone else to get a television show. I am especially disappointed with the History Channel. It is one sad show after the other. Years ago, the History Channel had some fine shows. There were many stories and film of the action in World War II. You could be eyewitness to some of the important events in that war and meet some real heroes. Through these films it was easier to understand the horrors of war, the gallantry of the men and women and some of the reasons for going to war. Those programs are gone and so am I. Some shows I once enjoyed have become just a showcase to make the players B-grade celebrities.

I have fallen back on my radio for entertainment and books are even more enjoyable than in the recent past. But I will keep checking in to see if things ever get better — who knows, they might accidentally slip something in that I enjoy.

It's probably just as well, since I have a couple of very interesting writing projects on the hook. If they come to pass, there won't be time to watch much television.

Kay Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.