As a young boy growing up here in the Midwest I was taught the joy of earning my own spending money.

As a young boy growing up here in the Midwest I was taught the joy of earning my own spending money. I guess it was in my nature to want things so I spent my money as fast as I made it, sometimes even faster. It has taken me a while to learn money lessons well, about thirty years in fact!

I have never been afraid of hard work and I have learned to appreciate moments of relaxation. But my biggest mistake back then was using credit for things I wanted.  I paid too much for my many “wants.”  It has taken a complete renewing of my mind to get the "I want" out of me; that renewal is still a work in progress.

In my earlier life, money “Burnt a hole in my pocket” as the old timers would say. I was able to appreciate the things I spent my own money on and not tear them up. I worked for my Dad most of the time; but when I got mad at him I would get a job somewhere else in Chillicothe. I was the “prodigal son” many times, sorry to say.

I wanted so much to have the good life away from Mom and Dad with my own little family. That good life began right after graduating from good old CHS.  I married Caroline (one of my classmates) in July of 1969. We produced a wonderful boy in July of 1971 and then a beautiful girl in August of 1973. Caroline and I worked hard at many jobs back then but we never seemed to get ahead; the harder we worked, the be-hinder we got!

Don't get me wrong. The bills were paid and the kids were fed. Basically, we had the right priorities. However, we were held back financially by still pursuing some habits we picked up as teenagers: smoking, drinking, and partying. Fortunately, we both had the same hopes and aspirations; because of our upbringing we stayed together through thick and thin.

Then something special happened to me one night behind the Highview Church. That night I began for the first time to listen and obey the guidance the Lord provides us all. It has taken a while for this old boy to make a total change, but it is happening. My vision for life has become clearer and the right decisions have become easier.

While my spiritual life has grown, I think I will always fight the battle of always doing the right thing, even though I always want to do the right thing.  I guess that's the task set before all of us. See Ephesians 6:10-18.

True prosperity is just one good decision away. The more you do what is right, the more joy you will experience.