I’m a little boastful about my practice of waking up early each morning. I feel like I get a great deal accomplished in the couple hours I have up and ahead of everyone each morning. Big Al pointed out to me that maybe I have a couple of unfair advantages on the rest of the Marble household.

First there are the morning papers; I prefer reading my news online. I’m happy with news apps, headlines that are tweeted, highlighted shared on Facebook. Whatever form of information that keeps me out of the cold and reading curled up on the couch is a leg up in my book. Big Al on the other hand feels a great affection toward his printed paper; especially on dry days. Give us a rainy, damp, snowy or misty day and our daily paper reading routine turns into a paper sorting and drying day.

Coffee is a constant part of the Marble house daily routine. I’m a Keurig girl. I love the ease of fixing a quickly intense cup of Joe. With the rapid change of a pod I can move from tea, to hot chocolate, to intense dark brew and then easy morning mix. The big man is a traditional coffee pot guy. I’ll give it to you that a large pot of coffee smells awesome at 5am, but the ease of a single cup gets me up and downstairs to the shower ahead of the twins.

Showering ahead of the younger Marble men means the difference between a hot or cold shower; there is no in between. The boys are bad about using all the hot water in our home. Nothing sets your teeth on edge or starts your day on the wrong foot like trying to look business casual following a cold shower. It’s just not possible.

Perhaps though, my single biggest edge for getting up and out of the door ahead of the rest of the family is being the lone, solitary, holder of an indoor parking spot. Bicycles, golf clubs, and assorted weight lifting gear occupy half our two-car garage and my car gets the other half. The difference between strolling out the dining room into the somewhat warm garage, into my not so cold car, and simply backing out is beautiful. I have it made compared to the men who have to warm up their vehicles and scrape icy windows (even if it is a bit unfair).

 Lori Marble writes a weekly column for the Daily News.