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  • RICHARD DAVIDSON: Ten hundred words is not an easy task

  • Here's a fun little topic that has virtually nothing to do with city business, but one that I think some of you will find interesting.
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  • Here's a fun little topic that has virtually nothing to do with city business, but one that I think some of you will find interesting. As the internet continues to blossom, it becomes easier and easier to run across some unique on-line applications that can spur interest and challenge your brain.
    Just recently, I found a site that allows you to test your writing skills by only permitting you to use the 1,000 most common words in the English language. Given that I write an article every week, I thought I'd test myself and see how challenging such a task might be.
    I can already see it's going to be more difficult than I'd first thought. My first paragraph alone had 19 non-permitted words. This last sentence had three more! This is tough!
    To test myself and show you how things change with this restriction, I'll first write a short paragraph about the city using my normal writing style. I'll then write the same paragraph using only the 1,000 most common English words. Game on and here we go!
    Tuesday, the city council voted unanimously to refinance some city debt - ultimately saving the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars without extending the term of the current debt.
    The city people picked by other city people who mark a piece of paper picking who they like said they all agreed to make better what we must pay to others - eventually saving those who pay the money out of their pocket when they buy things hundreds of hundreds of green paper pieces without making those who we pay get it for more months.
    Wow! That took me about 10 minutes and I'm still not sure it's exactly what I wanted to say.
    If you're the type that likes a good challenge (or to be compliant - likes a good thing that is harder than some other things), check out this website and see what you think. It's fun. It's interesting. And it's a great way to challenge yourself to something new. www.splasho.com/upgoer5 is the site. Take a look!
    Just when we thought spring was here, another round of crazy weather is upon us. I hope Mother Nature is ready to warm up next week and get past the snow and cold for a few months.
    One more round of "thanks" to NPD Officer John Miller and Newton County Corrections Officer Jason Denno for their heroic efforts in saving the life of a Neosho resident during a house fire on March 8. We are all proud of you and I'm honored to have such great people working for our city and our county!
    Until next time (using only those ten hundred words!): stay the course, keep the strong trust, and may God say words upon Neosho!
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