Changes are a good thing!!

So my new job has been great, it's finals week at school, and I've been working out twice a day.  There are definitely not enough hours in a day.

I apologize right now for any grammar mistakes.  I just got done with Body Pump and I increased my all of my arms weight and they are shaking!

Last week I took my weight and measurements and things were good!!  My weight didn't change much, but the inches are coming off!! I'm happy to report that I lost two inches in my waist and two inches in my hips!!!  People are telling me that they can tell I've been working out and I can tell as well!  Things are starting to pay off so I'll keep working hard. Oh and I forgot to mention I bought a new swimsuit top, a size smaller!!!

One thing that has changed for the worse is that at my new job I have become more sedintary.  I work in an office and don't do a lot of walking.  My knees are killing me lately.  Going upstairs is killer and at times I don't want to walk.  I guess what I'm doing is asking for your help and advice.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to what they've done to make life easier on their knees?