There are good people in the world; people who look out for others.

There are good people in the world; people who look out for others. At times it's a girlfriend who knows you're running on empty and brings you your third coffee to go of the day. Then there's the friend who sends you the snoopy cartoon text messages just to make your Monday move quicker.

What's surprising is when "your good people" are folks you've never met and they are on the other end of your digital connection watching your online purchases and think it's just a little odd that you would be buying hundreds of dollars in pay-as-you-go-phone minutes in the middle of the night and decide to block your debit card.

Earlier this week I attempted to make a small purchase at a local store. My debit card was rejected, not for insufficient funds; I knew I had enough money, but simply r-e-j-e-c-t-e-d. How very awkward. Running home to check my balance online, I noticed a few suspicious charges. I fluctuated between extreme anxiety and absolute indignation.

One of the great things about living in a town the size of Neosho and being a Marble, is you're either related to, or friends with, a statistically impressive number of people. It was wonderful to realize in a short amount of time that we have a cousin who works at our bank and – no surprise – lives within 100 feet of our home.

Sending a quick text message, I had a call back within minutes advising me to call the number on the back of my debit card. Talking to my new BFF-FA (best friend forever — fraud agent) I was informed that indeed my card had been considered compromised the night before and they had placed a block on it.

My new BFF-FA apologized for any difficulties I might have had earlier in the evening. I couldn't say "thank you" fast enough.

Good people are out there. This time, their job was to take care of my business and they came through like champions.
I love the convenience of online banking, but it's great to have local friends (and family members) who make great customer service a part of their business every day. And, having a BFF-FA doesn't hurt either.

Lori Marble writes a weekly column for the Daily News.