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Silent Courage
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March 27, 2013 11:33 a.m.

Courage is one of the hardest things to exhibit and should be one of the hardest
things to notice. Courage is usually associated with the military at war or during some
kind of con?ict. I do believe it takes courage to put oneself in harm's way, and they who
do this have my deep respect. This kind of courage is easily noticed without question.
The type of courage I'm talking about is the courage hidden from most people.
Those people who are facing dif?cult times and always remain positive and happy rarely
are described as courageous. Only those who knowingly put their troubles on exhibition
are noticed. Is this courageous? To one degree, yes. But the cancer victim who
doesn't ask for a bene?t is truly courageous. The person who has my trials to deal with
and nobody knows about them are truly courageous. And of course the many sick
children in the world who smile for one day free of pain have more courage than should
be expected.
The goal should be for each of us to have courage to say our troubles mean very
little. We need not only to acknowledge others in need but to pray for them ahead of
ourselves. Yes, that would take courage - the type of courage only God will notice,
admire, and reward.

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