Mornings continue to be cold as I walk along Wildcat Boulevard each day.

Mornings continue to be cold as I walk along Wildcat Boulevard each day. I thought I had the local geese population figured out until I saw eight flying together the other morning. Were these daddy Canadas going out for early morning coffee? Or were they eight girls who had put papa on the nest when they went out for a breakfast?

I was thinking about food the other morning as I walked along. I had recently read a list of strange foods. I like to try different things and was surprised I knew about almost all on the list and have eaten a couple of the strange dishes.
One was tripe, cow's stomach. I have never eaten it, but have seen people eating it. It looks like flat squares of gristle.
Another was barnacles. I recently read where people are scratching barnacles off the Japanese debris from the tsunami and eating them. Snails made the list, too.

One strange food was pig's ears. I've never eaten them, but know that dogs sure like to chew on dried pig's ears.
Blood pudding made the strange food list. I never have eaten it, but know my mother did when she was home. Blood pudding was made from blood collected when a steer was butchered. There were 12 kids on my mother's family. Her folks didn't waste much.

One strange food on the list was green garden onions. When I was a kid, we ate these every spring as one of the first vegetables harvested from the garden. My mother always planted her onions too close together and thinned the new onions and served them for meals. The onions were pulled, washed, sprinkled with salt, and eaten raw. Some people put a sauce on them.

Bar-B-Que cow's tail also made the strange food list. Cow's tail was a cut of meat we got after butchering. My mother cooked it for soup. I bet Bar-B-Quing it would be fine. Seems much like beef ribs.

One item I would not eat was shredded baby eels. Looked too much like worms.

Take a walk, try some different foods, use those signal lights, watch for pedestrians and see what you notice while walking along Wildcat Boulevard.

Russell Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.