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Teardrops: the Soul’s Release Valve
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March 31, 2013 11:31 a.m.

It glistens against your face when the light reaches the small spot it occupies. It has no smell or sound in the regular sense, but if you listen closely, you may hear volumes. It tastes of salt, sometimes bitter sometimes not. The touch is so slight it is often missed, but the sight of teardrops is always noticed.
Teardrops and dew drops are very similar in that they are both water formed in small droplets. They both are the result of an action causing the droplets to form. They can form during all seasons and can disappear almost as quickly as they came, on certain occasions. Although they have similarities, their differences are many. Teardrops are the result of an emotion and dewdrops are the result of condensation. Teardrops come from meaningful thoughts, feelings, or memories and dewdrops come from the necessary change within our weather. Both are an integral part of our universe and the people who inhabit it.<>
Teardrops are drops of saline that form in the eye to either lubricate the eye or fall from the eye as from crying. This dictionary definition does not give the true meaning behind a single teardrop. When I think of a teardrop, I think of times when sorrow has taken over my body and the release of teardrops cleansed me. I personally feel they are Godís way of washing away the hurt and allowing me to hope and dream again.<>
Teardrops are made of salty water, shaped in a circular form. The fact they are salt is significant to the body, but not significant outside the body. The circular form develops into a drop as it slides down the face. Because of social history, we recognize this to mean either sadness or joy when noticed. The shape has developed a potent meaning for humans and is used for many things involving emotions.<>
I have stated why I feel teardrops are a benefit to me, and I believe others as well. But, there are so many other reasons that teardrops have a purpose. For the young baby, who has not learned speech, teardrops are their only form of communication. Teardrops not only lubricate the eyes, but the soul as well. They have an enormous effect on watchers. Meaning the people who notice the teardrops, immediately become more compassionate than they were just a second earlier. The teardrop expresses more than a whole dictionary full of words could ever hope to convey.<>
I do not believe that there is one single con related to a teardrop except that it causes your eyes, face, and sometimes clothing to become wet. However the pros are numerous. Without the release of teardrops, stress, anger, and sadness can over-take the body and cause, possibly, deeper more harmful emotions. But, by releasing teardrops you have washed away, if only temporarily, all of those emotions, feeling relief inside. Teardrops, factually, do release a chemical formed only from emotion. This chemical is called cortisol. If a person does not release teardrops during this emotional time the body does not release the cortisol efficiently. It is my opinion that teardrops have an amazing purpose for all people, young, old, black, white, or any race or religion in the world. <>

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