I guess I will go to my grave unhappy with the fact that all those railroad crossings in Neosho were closed, and a lot of good money was spent on a fancy roundabout and other pricy things. I believe in change and progress, but in moderation and in a fiscally responsible manner. Like many households, we have to watch our money and we have learned to live within our means.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a discussion about life and money and other such things. I commented that Russell and I, early on, chose to chase adventure — not money and that has made all the difference.

But as for the changes in Neosho, I could not stop these things and I don't see them changing in my lifetime.

At the hatchery bookstore last week, a gentleman and his wife came in to shop. The man had lived here all his life and left eight or nine years. He had not been back to Neosho since. He was telling how things had changed for him, and he specifically mentioned the railroad crossings.

The man is a contractor, in a large Southern city. He did work after floods, hurricanes and tornadoes in his region and was very successful. One of Russell's former students, they had a good visit about people they know and some of the good times in school.

The man has a new grandson and that's what brought him back. He and his wife bought some things for the new baby and they also got some souvenirs for themselves and some local history books. They were very good customers for the bookstore.

He promised not to wait so long before coming back. He said that new grandson was reason enough to return, even though the grandson lives in Northwest Arkansas.

Several people who come to the hatchery are confused by the closed crossings. If they have never been here before, they become really lost and sometimes very put out. Their GPS doesn’t help, and they have to get there on their own.

The hatchery may be the biggest tourist draw in town so it is too bad that access to it is confusing. I guess the town leaders weren't thinking of this when they authorized the closings. I don't know for sure what they were thinking. I may be wrong, but I don't think the closures have been good for the taxpayers.

Well, it is Easter (and spring), and someday, it will get warm. It always does. Relatives in the North have had a long, hard winter and all signs lead to massive flooding. There are huge amounts of snow and if the spring thaw is quick, they may have record flooding. I sure hope not.

Kay Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.