A welcome to our new dog, Muffin.


Given my history, you might think this is another recipe, but you would be wrong.  In October, we lost our beloved Lily, the first dog I ever had.  I could not believe how fond of her I grew.  A sudden severe illness left us with no choice but to end her sweet life.  As stoic as I tried to be, I just couldn’t pull it off.  I truly grieved over the loss of her, and still do for that matter.  I wasn’t sure I’d ever want to go through that again. 

Now we have Muffin.  Muffin is one year old.  She comes from a family who cared deeply for her.  Sadly they faced a crisis that made it impossible for them to continue their care. To their credit, they didn’t just get rid of her, but through the network of other dog lovers, made sure that a good home was located for Muffin.  That happens to be our home.  We have time to give her, and space for her to run, play and explore.  She's in a different home, so it may take her a while to settle in, but she seems happy and we are delighted.

Muffin found a comfortable chair to curl up in last night, but she came to my room to check on me four or five times.  She hasn’t yet climbed up on my bed, and she may not ever do that, but she put her paws up and demanded attention.  She’s a real beauty.  I’ve been asked what breed she is. I’m sure she’s of mixed breed, not pedigreed.   There are so many great pets out there that need good homes.  Even though Muffin could be referred to as a mutt, she probably has a better pedigree than I.

This was a case of the perfect puppy that needed a home through no fault of anyone.  There are people in this world who care about dogs and will go to great lengths to find the proper home for a pet left with no other place to live. 

I wrote once about Hound Around Hotel, run by Janine Sevits about 7 miles northwest of town.  Janine is an animal lover, to be sure.  It is she who directed Muffin to our attention.  Last Thanksgiving, Janine moved into her new facility, lovingly called “Doggie Hilton.”  The whole enterprise is a family affair, and they work hard to maintain an admirable business model as well as a haven for the temporary care of man’s best friend.

It’s an ideal pastoral setting where those who have to be away from home can board their dogs and be sure that they will be treated well and loved.  Janine is a class act.  If you haven’t seen Hound Around Hotel, it would be worth your while to go out and give it a look.  Janine is on site, feeding her guests from 8 – 10 every morning and 4 – 6 every afternoon.  Give her a call.  She is also a breeder of a couple species of dogs.  Five minutes with Janine and you know that she loves animals.  You can find additional information at www.houndaroundhotel.com/ or call at 660 216 2583.  This facility is on Hwy. B west of Fegley.

The good news is that we have a sweet dog for which we can provide a nice home.  Welcome, Muffin!  We hope you enjoy your new home as much as we appreciate you.