A local Christian school is gearing up for the 25th annual Neosho City-wide Garage Sale this Friday and Saturday.

A local Christian school is gearing up for the 25th annual Neosho City-wide Garage Sale this Friday and Saturday.

"That money just goes for general operation," Neosho Christian School principal/superintendent Lawrence Sanders said. "This is really important for us just to pay the bills. It doesn't go to anything special, just to pay the bills. Right now, the cost of operating the school is about $1,000 a day. That is the total budget, electricity, water, gas, salaries that is everything. The year before last we made about $5,000. Last year, it wasn't but about half of it."

The school – which is located at 903 W. South St., Neosho – will be open both days. Sanders said they will start the garage sale around noon on Friday go up into late evening and then reopen at 7 a.m. Saturday until probably early afternoon. They have participated in this garage sale for eight years.

He noted that parents, students, staff, teachers and others donate the items for this sale.

"The parents, churches and just anyone that is wanting to spring clean, that is what I tell people, 'do your spring cleaning,'" he said. "We have some stereo items, furniture, couches, chairs and things, there is always a lot of clothing (any age group). We do have a lot of baby items usually. We will have some electronics. Just a good variety of things."

With having the sale open on noon on Friday, that gives the students a day in school but also a chance to help.

"Our whole staff works it, a lot of high school kids work it. A lot of our parents work it, we do have a lot of people involved," Sanders said. "Of course we get parents, everybody in the churches and all that we can to bring items in, so we have items coming in from everywhere. This year, we are going to have a big tent. It is not big enough to cover the whole thing, but we will have a lot of it under tent this year in case it comes a shower or something, we will be covered."

Aside from the various items for sale, there will be some food for sale as well.

"We will have hot dogs, hamburgers, brats, pork chops, we will probably have breakfast burritos in the morning," he said. "We have a good variety of food all day long."

Sanders anticipates a great crowd coming in for the sale and also credits a great turnout from the past.
"I am expecting that we will have a lot of people. There will be thousands of people coming through our garage sale," said Sanders. "That tent will be something to attract attention. And the smoke from our cooker, when you get those two things going, I think we will have a lot of people."

Sanders did note they are still seeking donations and for more information, they can call the school at 451-1941.

Sanders is very appreciative of the help from the parents to the staff, teachers and the students.
"Being a school like we are, we couldn't make it without the parents really," he said. "Without the help that we get from parents and students, there would not be anyway we could do all of the things we do. It is just a tremendous blessing for us to have the parents willing to do all the things that they do here."

He also credited those who come to the sale.

"It is just a tremendous blessing," he said. "You can't say enough really. We just appreciate everybody that helps us out so much."

If some of the items don't sell, Sanders said they too go to a worthy cause.

"The main thing that we don't sell all of will be clothing," Sanders said. "And we give that to support a Children's Home, we let trucks from Children's Home in Springfield, come by and pick up the clothing that is left or if there is a few other things left, a lot of times we will let the Children's Home have that so we feel like we are helping them out too."