For the last few months, there has been a new face at Freeman Neosho Hospital and his name is Dr. Brady Hesington, who is a hospital specialist at the local hospital.

For the last few months, there has been a new face at Freeman Neosho Hospital and his name is Dr. Brady Hesington, who is a hospital specialist at the local hospital.

The Neosho Daily News recently asked Hesington a few questions about what his position is, why he got into medicine as a career and his hobbies outside of work.

NDN: What is a hospital specialist?
Hesington: Basically, my duties as the hospital specialist are to provide hospital care for patients who are admitted to the hospital who don't have a regular physician or whose physician doesn't admit patients to Freeman Neosho. I work to facilitate any specialty care that a patient may require in association with their admission. As well as provide good communication with the patient's primary care physician during that patient's stay.

NDN: How did you get interested in the medical career?
Hesington: That is kind of an interesting story. I felt a calling to practice medicine, didn't really have any background in medicine in fact I had really little exposure to the medical profession at all as a kid or even as a young adult. I went to college with the intention of being a wildlife biologist; quite honestly, God had other plans for me.

NDN: How many years have you been in the medical field?
Hesington: I have been out practicing after residency for 11 years.

NDN: Is Freeman Neosho the first place you have worked at?
Hesington: No, I spent nine years in a traditional family practice group in Aurora, where I provided office care, hospital care and practiced obstetrics as well. Then I left that group to explore other opportunities. I didn't want to move my kids, but I wanted to practice in a rural hospital so Freeman Neosho was a great fit for me.

NDN: How honored are you to work for Freeman Neosho Hospital?
Hesington: I am very honored to work at Freeman especially my current position here at Freeman Neosho Hospital. I love caring for the people of this regional community in an atmosphere that focuses on providing compassion and quality care. I think that this is an environment that allows me to practice in that manner.

NDN: In your particular field, are you seeing more and more people graduating from medical school and going into your side of the field?
Hesington: In all honesty, I don't see necessarily those people that graduate, so I don't have a good feel for what the trend is currently. But nationwide, I do believe that the hospitalist type of role is becoming more popular with people as primary care physicians have taken on more and more responsibilities themselves. Fewer of those primary care specialists are now doing hospital work and as a consequence these hospital specialists' role is becoming I think a more common role throughout hospitals in the country.

NDN: Outside of work, what are some of your hobbies?
Hesington: I have a great wife and a house full of boys, so anything that I can do to spend time with them is pretty much fair game in my house. Personally, I am an avid outdoorsman, have a passion for bow hunting, fly-fishing and habitat work on my little play farm, and then I also train blood-tracking dogs.