Organizers are gearing up for a cleanup day at a portion of Hickory Creek.

Organizers are gearing up for a cleanup day at a portion of Hickory Creek.

The Hickory Creek Stream Cleanup will begin at noon on Saturday.

“We’ll be at the pavilion over by the Highway 86 bridge, the one behind the storage building by Kwik Mart,” said Kent Oliver, organizer of the event. “The main purpose will be to clean up the stream and banks that have trash along them.”

For the past couple of years, this stream team has held at least two cleanups a year, one usually in the spring and one later in the fall. They are asking for any volunteers to help out and the event will last until 2 or 3 p.m. that day.

As far as what type of trash that collects on the banks and in the creek, Oliver said, “Trash would include cups, plastic bags, water bottles, beer cans, old clothes, flip flops and etc.”

Hickory Creek is a popular place for families to go, enjoy the day, have picnics in Morse Park, do some fishing and even walking on the trails.

“I use the park all the time,” he said. “Whether it is fishing or just taking the dog for a walk. I love the outdoors. I think it is important for the community to realize what a true treasure they have. I think most people take it for granted and that is why we have a trash problem on the creek.”

For those who participate, gloves and trash bags will be provided.

“If they have a pair of waders we encourage them to bring those for getting into the water,” Oliver said. “Also if they have some sort of “grabber” for picking up the trash they don't want to pick up with their hands. I would encourage anyone who uses the park to come out and help us keep the park clean. Give back to the community so to speak.

Also, refreshments will be provided such as bottled water and snacks.

For more information, email Oliver at