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  • Q&A: Green Acres Get-a-Way Pet Boarding and Grooming

  • Last week, Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce members presented a Flower Box Welcome to Green Acres Get-a-Way Pet Boarding and Grooming, 8862 Duane Lane Joplin.
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  • Last week, Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce members presented a Flower Box Welcome to Green Acres Get-a-Way Pet Boarding and Grooming, 8862 Duane Lane Joplin.
    The owners are Scott and Elaine Kroll, who have managed the local business since 2010.
    NDN: What do you actually offer here?
    Scott: We are a pet boarding and grooming facility, meaning that we baby-sit the kids (dogs/cats) when somebody needs to go away for a vacation. We house dogs predominantly, but we do cater to the cats as well.
    NDN: How did you come up with the name, Green Acres Get-a-Way?
    Scott: We actually bought it from another couple that had started it, and they just picked up the theme from the show. We just felt like when they said Green Acres Get-a-Way, we want it to be more of a getaway for the kids instead of it just being locked into a cage, so that is why we try to do things a little bit different here.
    NDN: How many pets do you usually have at one time?
    Scott: It really varies, it depends on whether it is a holiday or a non-holiday season, so we can have, there is times we only got a couple or three, but we can also house up to about 100. It really depends on how many someone has in one enclosure. So if we just did one in enclosure, it would be 39, we have got people who would bring four to an enclosure, which could bring you up to 130.
    NDN: You had mentioned that it is kind of a 24-hour service. Can you explain?
    Scott: I think that we are one of the few facilities that do that and because we live here on the facility, it is not like we lock up and go home, so we keep the phones with us, so if you have someone who goes into the hospital or whatever the emergency is, you can call us and we will get you in anytime day or night, weekend or week day.
    NDN: When the Joplin tornado hit, you mentioned to us that you helped with people's pets. Can you elaborate?
    Scott: With the boarding facility, we really couldn't leave here to go into town to do much, because we are here pretty well 24/7, so we decided to gut a garage and all three offices and then went and bought a pre-fab pin and started bringing the kids in, letting them stay…. We had them up to seven months.
    NDN: I noticed there are doors for the dogs to go in and out. Would you elaborate on that?
    Scott: The kids do get to go in and out their doggie doors from their inside enclosure to their outside enclosure at their leisure, really meaning that they don't have to go to the bathroom on staff schedule, they can go in and out when they want to. I think that is one thing that separates us. We also have the largest indoor and outdoor enclosures in the area.
    Page 2 of 2 - NDN: How has business been since you opened here?
    Scott: Well, we experienced phenomenal growth for the first two years, but actually the beginning of this year, the economy, I don't know what is going on, but we are actually down right now, about 30 percent.
    Hours of operation are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday. Phone number is 781-7587. Visit www.greenacresgetaway.com for more information.
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