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Freedom and Youth
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By Ed Kitchen
Ed Kitchen is a columnist for the Linn County Leader and an active reader.
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By Ed Kitchen
April 18, 2013 10:02 p.m.

Has anyone ever wondered what it would be like to wonder free, without a car in the world? Mike Brodie was traveled the country in his youth with his camera collecting images of his adventures and friends who embodied a “train punk” lifestyle and but them together in a book titled A Period Of Juvenile Prosperity. An interview with the author was an NPR last week. The link is below.
The pictures capture a carefree lifestyle of youth, and yearning for freedom. In some cases a total disregard for safety as we can clearly see the ground racing by as the youths interact together. Though I haven’t read the book yet what I’ve seen from some the pictures seems intriguing. For a sample of some of the pics click on the link below.

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