With a donation, the towns of Stark City and Newtonia now have a backup 100,000 kilowatt generator for the two towns' water supply well.

“It was bought through the Missouri Department of Conservation, for the fire department to ensure that we had power when power went down " Stark City Mayor Ed Schultz said. "If we don’t have power, we don’t have water and we can’t pump water through the hydrants to fight fires with. Dual purpose, of course from the cities’ (Stark City and Newtonia) standpoint, we have water for two cities."

Schultz said the generator cost $26,000.

"Of course it was at no cost to us from the conservation department," he added. "The cities have combined in the cost of the building and setting it up."

Near the water tower — located in between the two towns — the generator is housed in a secured building, including the electrical hookups. According to Newtonia Mayor George Philliber, the building cost around $6,000-$7,000.

The generator came in about a year ago and was installed six months ago.

“It is set up now that all we have to do is throw a switch if the power goes out. We throw a transfer switch and this comes online,” said Schultz.

Thus far, they have not had to use the generator. But they are glad it is there.

"This is to ensure that we will able to handle a situation," Schultz said. "We are glad to get it done and in place.